Translation of pug in Spanish:


doguillo, n.

Pronunciation /pʌɡ//pəɡ/


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    doguillo masculine
    • The girls see an ugly little dog, you know the ugly little pug dog, right?
    • As secretary of the Pugalug Club, a group almost 500 strong throughout Ontario devoted to the health and well being of the pug dog breed, I can't help but feel a need to respond to your article, ‘Good, bad and Pugly’.
    • Raven had long, greasy mouse-brown hair and a nose like a pug.
    • Now Charles has a potential doppelgänger on this side of the Atlantic: a cute, mischievous little pug dog named Pugly.
    • The woman goes inside and comes back with a pug dog wheezing on the end of a red leash.
    • The pug's miniaturized ‘bulldog’ lineaments rendered it not just fashionable in the late eighteenth century but - at a period of war with France - patriotic.
    • How did wolves transform into today's greyhounds, pugs, and Yorkies?
    • With such strong words, it's no wonder that the mascot on the group's website is a mischievous little pug dog who's ready to lay down the law.
    • Elsewhere in the house a rather ugly pug dog, a Masonic symbol, is painted on a ceiling.
    • From the smallest pug breed to the tallest Great Dane weighing over 20 kg, there were about 35 breeds.
    • We kept a pug and a little Pomeranian and a Maltese, and gave my parents a little poodle.
    • Crossing a pug with a Pekingese, for example, could produce disastrous consequences.
    • Surely a pug is no match for the loyalty of a spaniel?
    • Maybe my experience with bringing other dogs into the house with our first pug will help you.
    • This couple was waiting to board the plane with their dog, a pug, who they had slung on the woman's chest in a baby carrier.
    • We should cherish these glimpses of her as it won't be long before she goes to ground again, squirrelling away in her Manhattan apartment or the Virginia bolt-hole she shares with two pugs and a Boston terrier.
    • The pug was the Dutch national dog, and soon it became a national sensation in England.
    • Others claim the bulldog resulted from the crosses between mastiffs and Dutch pug dogs.
    • While the children were delighted by the presence of the smaller breeds like pugs and miniature pinscher, the body language of the grown-ups revealed a liking towards bigger breeds like great Danes and German shepherds.
    • As much as they enjoy walking Jack Russells and pugs through a neighbourhood with a taste of history, they also realize that this flavour is a commodity which inflates the value of their condos.