Translation of pugilist in Spanish:


púgil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpjudʒələst//ˈpjuːdʒɪlɪst/


dated, humorous

  • 1

    púgil masculine formal
    pugilista masculine formal
    boxeador masculine
    • When Sonny did embark on a comeback he went to Europe and reeled off a series of wins against some non-threatening pugilists.
    • Remember that if he wasn't playing football, Hall would be a professional pugilist and probably a bloody good one given that he can knock a player down, even when he didn't mean to throw the punch!
    • We were nine USA Olympic Champion pugilists competing in the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.
    • The pint-sized pugilist carved a niche in the local professional fight game, a victory which catapulted him into the record books.
    • While not the gritty young pugilists often associated with old-school boxing gyms such as Gleason's, the men exemplify the type of boxer who has become a mainstay of New York's traditional fight halls.