Translation of pull out in Spanish:

pull out

arrancar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(depart)

      the train pulled out of the station el tren salió de la estación

    • 1.2(enter traffic)

      he pulled out right in front of me se me metió justo delante
      • the car pulled out from a side road el coche salió de una calle lateral

    • 1.3(come out)

      (section/supplement) separarse

    • 1.4(extend)

      (table) alargarse

    • 1.5(withdraw)

      (troops/partner) retirarse
      (partner/troops) irse
      if they pull out of the negotiations si se retiran de las negociaciones
      • we're not going to pull out of the deal no nos vamos a echar atrás

    • 1.6(recover)

      to pull out of the recession salir de / superar la recesión

  • 2

    • 2.1(extract, remove)

      (plug/tooth/nail) sacar
      (weeds) arrancar
      he pulled out his wallet sacó la cartera

    • 2.2(detach)

      (page) arrancar

    • 2.3(withdraw)

      (troops/team) retirar
      he had orders to pull out the embassy staff tenía órdenes de sacar al personal de la embajada del país