Translation of pulp in Spanish:


literatura barata, n.

Pronunciation: /pəlp//pʌlp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(worthless literature)

      literatura barata feminine
      basura feminine
      (fiction/novel) (before noun) barato
      • Popular pulp fiction and radio sow the seeds of resistance to social injustice.
      • Stark, terrific book - is there such a thing as philosophical pulp?
      • It was a fitting end to a game that had more twists and turns than a pulp fiction thriller.
      • A descent into this kind of carnally driven pulp should be conducted boldly and without apology, which is a courage that Cristofer cannot seem to muster.
      • It's a fast-paced pulp science fiction yarn with compelling characters.

    • 1.2US (magazine)

      revista barata feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (of fruit, vegetable) pulpa feminine
      (of fruit, vegetable) carne feminine
      (of wood, paper) pasta (de papel) feminine
      (of wood, paper) pulpa (de papel) feminine
      • The pulp of Baobab fruits has a taste like the cream of tartar and is used to treat fever, dysentery and stomach ailments in some parts of Asia.
      • Next comes the scooping stage, which requires the most skill, because the amount of pulp scooped and the evenness of its spread on the frame decides the quality of the paper.
      • It is also the world's second-largest producer of chemicals used to bleach pulp for papermaking.
      • Second, heat drives lignocellulose resin (ie, lignin) out of the wood's pulp during the sterilization process.
      • Avocado has another use though, the mashed pulp of the fruit makes for an excellent and natural face-pack.
      • Other global businesses include palm oil refining, acrylic fibre, paper pulp and copper concentrate.
      • Poplar wood has many end uses, including pulp and paper, timber, plywood, pallets, soft board, and hard board.
      • As vice president, Megawati in 2000 actually allowed its operation resumption but the company was only allowed to produce pulp and no longer rayon.
      • Marmalade is made from citrus fruits, jam from fruit pulp and jelly from fruit juice with no bits in.
      • In a blender, combine the passion fruit pulp, passion fruit juice, coconut milk, lemon juice, and lime juice.
      • Wash the seeds well, rubbing to remove any pulp.
      • The two tycoons have been involved in a long-running legal dispute centring on the ownership of two of Russia's largest pulp and paper mills.
      • Straight energy feeds like molasses, rolled barley, rolled wheat, beet pulps, citric pulp and combinations of these are all suitable.
      • It also helps to understand what makes jam or jelly set: it's pectin, a natural substance that binds the fruit pulp with acid and sugar.
      • We picked up the rosy red ones first, as many as our arms could hold, and plopped down at the foot of the tree biting into the fleshy pulp.
      • It was printed in 20 colors and was made from a combination of pressed paper pulp and adhered lithographic elements.
      • Bright flies were embedded in the stringy pulp, the glistening flesh of the fruit.
      • The most important reasons for this are strong commodity prices, particularly for copper, pulp, paper and wood products.
      • Jane suspends the pips in muslin to help the marmalade set, but I just use the juice and fleshy pulp from the inside of a lemon… it does the same trick.
      • Fruit butters are made from fruit pulp cooked with sugar until thickened to a spreadable consistency.
      • Discard the tomato pulp, season the tomato water, and reserve.
      • Like cutting cedar for fencing material, oil and pulp production, a good pecan crop can augment yearly income.
      • Wood pulp is an input in the production of paper.
      • The notion of the forest uncompromisingly supplying fibre for pulp, paper and sawmills has been a basic premise or point of departure in all Baskerville's calculations.
      • The fleshy pulp is orange or yellow, with a scent of pineapple, and full of seeds.
      • His favorite tree could one day be processed into pulp.
      • Mango being the season, its pulp is being readied at one corner.
      • To make the dressing, scoop the passion fruit pulp into a sieve over a bowl to extract the juice (it should be about 1 tbs).
      • Owners of legal sawmills, plus a multitude of illegal ones, compete for raw materials with the large pulp companies.
      • What if, say, I think the book I receive in the mail is a waste of pulp, a detriment to society and is frightening in the way that indoctrination literature always is?
      • It was a thick juice with a generous amount of the fruit's pulp in it.
      • Getting any sort of fleshy pulp was very difficult, so I squeezed the fruits to get decent amounts of liquid.
      • Made asked the companies, such as pulp and paper mills, to start considering the import of logs from other countries including Australia.
      • Dividends halved; volumes of pulp doubled; native forests cleared doubled - those are the facts from their accounts.
      • However, they are not pests because palm civets digest only the outer pulp of fruit, passing the coffee beans unharmed through their digestive systems.
      • These products may also contain rayon and wood fluff, which is chemically derived from tree pulp and then bleached.
      • Avocado oil is produced by mashing the pulp of the avocado fruit.
      • They are used for the first chemical processing step of converting wood chips into pulp for paper manufacturing, primarily in the sulphate or kraft paper process.
      • The object of the plots is to measure which plants produce the best fibre for pulp and paper use and also which produce the highest volume of fibre.
      • Wet waste connotes anything generated from the kitchen - vegetable and fruit peels, pulp, left-over food matter.

    • 2.2(crushed material)

      pasta feminine
      to beat sb to a pulp darle una paliza tremenda a algn
      • Some warriors were shown on television literally swimming in the fresh tomato purée, only their heads peeking out of the sea of red pulp.
      • My father was seconds away from beating Tyler and me to a bloody pulp.
      • When the water is cool enough, use your hands to mash the pulp as finely as possible.
      • When the famine came around here it was terrible, the lovely drills of potatoes were just getting ready to blossom and overnight were turned to stinking, rotting pulp.
      • Made from a composite of grass and sugar-cane pulp, the utensils are entirely natural.
      • Other than soggy pulp with the odd shard of pain.
      • The hands that Marion used to warm in her gentle mother's hair, are the same frozen hands her father beat into a bloody swollen pulp, when Marion once disobeyed him, at age five.
      • If the giant was clever, he would have worn a helmet, thus deflecting the potentially lethal blow, and then proceeded to beat David into a throbbing bloody pulp.
      • According to P. Manoharan, Project Director, PACHE Trust, a tonne of paperboard could be manufactured from three tonnes of sugarcane pulp.
      • After reading Monday's story of the 17-year-old York lad addicted to crime, my Evening Press was reduced to little more than tear-stained pulp.
      • I'm going beat him so hard he'll end up a bloody pulp.
      • The worst of the worst what is left after basic consummation the longitudinal fibroma of sugarcane stalks the iridescent pulp.
      • Reading the hundreds of blog entries about Huffington's site from today is like watching a swarm of fire ants invade a robin's nest and turn the chicks to red pulp.
      • The shipyards were doubtless full of men who could dismantle the defences of a huge audience in 30 seconds and then reduce them to one massed pulp of laughter for two-and-a-half hours.
      • Open out the body into a flat piece and scrape away the soft interior pulp.
      • Squeeze the liquid into a bowl and set aside, discarding the pulp.
      • I set to the task of bagging it up before it collapsed into a heap of pulp and, when I was done, stood up and stretched my back.
      • Make use of other men's we-should-protect-demure-damsels-in-distress ego thingy and make sure the molester becomes pulp.
      • There were fine scallops too, nicely sautéed, sitting on an earthy pea pulp, anointed with a minty butter sauce.
      • One rainy night the offices were flooded, soaking several till rolls into a mushy pulp.

    • 2.3Dentistry

      pulpa (dentaria) feminine
      • Human teeth are made up of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum.
      • As the decay nears the dental pulp you may suffer from toothache.
      • A loose or broken filling may also cause infection in the tooth pulp.
      • The bulk of the tooth consists of the bony substance dentine, surrounding the soft inner pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves.
      • In the middle of every tooth, there is space containing dental pulp.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rags/paper/wood) hacer pasta con
    (paper/wood/rags) hacer pulpa con
    (fruit/vegetables) hacer papilla con
    (vegetables/fruit) hacer puré con