Translation of pumice in Spanish:


piedra pómez, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpəməs//ˈpʌmɪs/


also pumice stone

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    piedra pómez feminine
    • Each evening you should rub the wart with a pumice stone or emery board.
    • This is an ideal opportunity to check your feet for any dry skin; it will be easily removed with a normal pumice stone you can purchase from the chemist.
    • A pumice stone or emery board was used to debride the lesions.
    • ‘If you use a pumice stone to remove calluses, do so gently and just enough to flake off the dead skin,’ Rosenthal warns.
    • Rub dead skin off once a week with a pumice stone or emery board.
    • Patients who present with diffuse hyperkeratotic lesions that are not painful may be advised to use a pumice stone to reduce the lesion after first soaking the foot in warm water.
    • Dry your feet and gently buff rough areas with a pumice stone.
    • Show your feet some love by using a pumice stone in the shower.
    • Hamilton recommends that dancers soak their feet in the bathtub every two weeks and rub the calluses down with a pumice stone.
    • Use foot file instead of hard pumice stone to remove dead skin which can lead to painful skin irritation.
    • Oh, and a pumice stone for scaly feet, if they were really conscientious.
    • If problems persist, contact a podiatrist who can sand problem areas with a pumice stone.
    • Her kit includes a cream to exfoliate thickened skin, a pumice stone to smooth calluses, a mask to remove oils and impurities, a copper-based cream to hydrate and a nail rejuvenator to improve discolored toenails.
    • If the white vinegar does not dissolve the whole ring, go to a janitorial supply store or a hardware store and purchase a pumice stone and a stiff toothbrush.
    • If dead skin builds up around the wart, it might help to trim it away or rub it down gently with a pumice stone.
    • As well, filing the dead skin off your feet with a pumice stone after you come out of the shower will make the skin softer if you do it consistently.
    • I imagine I have rough skin on my heels, as I have never taken a pumice stone to them.
    • Using a pumice stone, she scraped off the dirt, and once she was done her skin was soft and pink as a baby's.
    • Needless to say my hands were the most beautiful shade of turquoise - even after an eternity of scrubbing with a pumice stone and various caustic chemicals.
    • A pumice stone is the best exfoliator, or you can make your own scrub by mixing Epsom salts with a scented oil.