Translation of pumpernickel in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpəmpərˌnɪkəl//ˈpʊmpəˌnɪk(ə)l//ˈpʌmpəˌnɪk(ə)l/


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    • They ate cold Venison with red-currant jelly, potted meats, tongue and fowl accompanied by pumpernickel, toast and rye-bread, and they drank port wine.
    • Use slices on pumpernickel or granary bread with horseradish, on crostini or in salads.
    • Rye, pumpernickel and other whole-grain breads are good choices, with about 3 grams per slice.
    • Don't just think white bread, either - try toasting up cubes of leftover pumpernickel, rye or even garlic bread.
    • Even sourdough, rye and pumpernickel are often actually colored and flavored white-flour breads.
    • She looked with approval into her lunch sack: a large baked-brie-and-roasted-garlic sandwich on pumpernickel, two of her appetizer-sized pork & plum sausage rolls, and an apple tart.
    • The turkey was excellent: sliced extra thin on pumpernickel with plenty of honey mustard.
    • The numerous kinds ranged in colour and solidity from the deep brown and dense German pumpernickel and the common Russian black bread, to the paler and lighter breads of Poland and Sweden.
    • And if you look carefully, you'll find that most rye, pumpernickel, and oatmeal breads are also largely white flour.
    • Here, for example, is Josef Albers explaining how he approached his famous Homage to the Square paintings: ‘I paint the way I spread butter on pumpernickel.’
    • Instead of lightly brown crisps of bread, it popped out slice after slice of burned black planks of pumpernickel.
    • Rye, white, whole wheat, pumpernickel; any bread could be summoned by a simple wave of his hand.
    • They know that you'll buy the plain, egg, and pumpernickel out of fear of returning to the home front empty handed.
    • The exciting range of breads includes croissant, pumpernickel and multigrain.
    • You could, in principle, opt out of the public food system and buy rye, pumpernickel, or seven grain oat-nut crunch at a fancy private store.
    • Before he passed away a few years ago, he gave me his hoard of recipes, including authentic New York cheesecake, bagels, rye, pumpernickel, challah, cole slaw and many others.
    • ‘You'll also find that most rye, pumpernickel and oatmeal breads are largely white flour’ they say.
    • As a heads up, buns and rolls normally go first, Italian bread, most whites, and keep an eye on the rye and pumpernickel.
    • One more pass at chicken breast and broccoli - or a head-first dive into that loaf of pumpernickel?
    • For a hearty treat, have a slice of the dense raisin pumpernickel.

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