Translation of punch-drunk in Spanish:


grogui, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌntʃdrʌnk//ˈpəntʃˌdrəŋk/


  • 1

    (transitory state) grogui informal
    (transitory state) atontado
    (permanent condition) tocado
    (permanent condition) sonado
    • The government, atypically, reels, staggers - punch-drunk on the ropes, praying for a bell.
    • Everyone using the free weights looked punch-drunk from the heat.
    • We were a bit punch-drunk, talking about silly stuff, trying to forget the ordeal that awaited.
    • There was no clarity of thought, only blame, anger and bitterness; punch-drunk, the regime drifted blankly towards its end.
    • It was made easy because everyone was so nice, but I was punch-drunk by the end.
    • After that, it was a test of nerve and character as both teams slugged it out like a pair of punch-drunk boxers.
    • Many businesspeople feel punch-drunk as they try to cope with new rules on working time, trade union recognition and European works councils.
    • Like two ageing punch-drunk fighters, Miami Heat and New York Knicks are going to keep swinging until one falls to the canvas from a knockout blow.
    • The visiting pack were in awesome form, consistently making ground at the edges of the rucks and gradually wearing down the home eight, who by the end resembled a bunch of bedraggled and punch-drunk boxers.
    • This looks to be one more blow to an increasingly punch-drunk asset-backed securities marketplace, as well as a significant escalation of the bursting of the consumer debt Bubble.
    • Sometimes it can be painful to watch former superstars fumbling for their lost skills like a punch-drunk boxer.
    • I began to think I might be getting punch-drunk just listening to him.
    • It would be tragic if he suffers yet another body blow, fails to recognise it, and chooses to remain in the fray punch-drunk and disoriented.
    • If only Rangers had done so on Wednesday, Scottish football would have benefited from a hangover cure after the national side's punch-drunk display against Hungary a week earlier.
    • Collectively, the players resemble a punch-drunk boxer, bruised and bloodied, clinging onto the ropes for support.
    • In contrast, today's budding poets might seem insignificant and pointless, punch-drunk and undirected about content, style, identity.
    • With no let up in this mean season, many hurricane - punch-drunk Floridians have opted to live in the dark, even those who have electricity.
    • All that changed in 1918 when, like two punch-drunk boxers, the belligerents began finally to land blows which had effect.
    • Like a punch-drunk boxer who had been hit too many times, the town seemed stuck on the canvas, with some people wondering if it would ever be able to drag itself to its feet again.
    • After arriving punch-drunk at a truck stop in Amarillo, Texas, I positioned a Therm-a-Rest atop the luggage in the very back.