Translation of punch-up in Spanish:


pelea, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌntʃʌp//ˈpən(t)ʃəp/



  • 1

    pelea feminine
    bronca feminine informal
    they had a punch-up se liaron a golpes Spain
    • our family reunions always end in a verbal punch-up nuestras reuniones familiares siempre terminan en una pelotera
    • I came down to watch Biggar against Peebles recently and eight punch-ups later I thought this is not like Glasgow rugby.
    • You often see people getting out of their cars and starting punch-ups.
    • The Scotland camp, it was claimed, was riven by punch-ups among its own players and ill-disciplined drinking bouts.
    • For all the giant leaps and superhuman punch-ups, jokes and quips, he manages to give a quite touching layered performance.
    • At school we used to side with a few mates around the school yards and have a few punch-ups or fights after school, but they weren't like the gang-related fights of today.
    • Police predict 800-plus attacks, woundings and punch-ups by the end of the year.
    • After a series of punch-ups at posh events in Manchester, they have been chastised by their industry's own magazine.
    • I'm an emotional wreck due to all the talk of boarding schools, punch-ups, tantrums, and love.
    • The record doesn't want you to just kick back and listen, preferring to taunt you from your chair via head-nodding blues punch-ups and brawling rock 'n' roll.
    • A West Coast-Borders derby without venom and tumult is about as common as a punch-up in chess.
    • The stage was set for one of the biggest punch-ups in Australian corporate history.
    • Several minutes of disorder ensued, which included punch-ups and the Oxford goalkeeper apparently pinning a rather more bulky Warwick team member to the ground saying repeatedly ‘Who's my bitch now?’
    • Policing and legislation forced the real ‘firms’ to arrange their punch-ups hundreds of miles from football grounds.
    • What a pity they never met, quarrelled and had a public punch-up.
    • What I didn't see were drunks, body fluids, punch-ups and verbal abuse.
    • But in the case of a deposit row, a tenancy deposit scheme does seem like a better way to sort out a punch-up than, well, a punch-up.
    • There's a feeling the town centre can be a nasty place with a lot of punch-ups going on, but there are many young people just enjoying themselves and having a drink.
    • As with most playground punch-ups, this bystander does not much care who started it.
    • Keighley used to have that perception of being somewhere to come on a Friday or a Saturday night and have a punch-up.
    • ‘We didn't have drunks or punch-ups,’ adds Brenda.