Translation of punctually in Spanish:


puntualmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈpəŋ(k)(t)ʃ(u)əli//ˈpʌŋ(k)tʃʊəli//ˈpʌŋ(k)tʃ(ə)li/


  • 1

    the train left punctually el tren salió puntualmente / a su hora
    • She said: ‘We need to alleviate some of the pinch points by removing some off-peak services on a number of routes and make sure those that do run, run more punctually and reliably.’
    • We expect to deliver a show that begins punctually and runs through the evening smoothly and this is not just promotional chat.
    • Sitting in a semicircular seat, with his back to me, he has arrived punctually for our 5pm ‘meet’ at the Paddington Hilton's Steam Bar in drizzle-draped London, and is sipping a glass of white wine in full view of other customers.
    • He said: ‘We understand the industry must get its costs under control but from the passengers' point of view it is disappointing it will take until 2009 to get nine out of 10 trains arriving punctually.’
    • In the evenings, in Sonagachi, some 20 children, boys and girls, arrive punctually and eagerly at the tiny but clean neighbourhood ‘club’ which doubles up as an evening study centre.