Translation of punishing in Spanish:


duro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌnɪʃɪŋ//ˈpənəʃɪŋ/


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    (schedule/treatment) duro
    (pace) agotador
    (pace) extenuante
    • The sun was in a punishing mood even at four in the evening.
    • Seven years later, It began a permanent presence in Cuba to expose the true human cost of the punishing U.S. embargo.
    • The survivors then had to make a punishing trek to an oasis 22 km away, where Haslam died.
    • The sense of punishing frustration is heightened by the pounding rain in the opening scene, mirrored later by the emergency fire sprinklers that soak Banek's law offices.
    • Lesson for the kids out there: during a two-week period of punishing humidity, wearing socks is just part of the social contract.
    • At the starter's pistol, LaBuff, 23, immediately set a punishing early pace.
    • You don't have to be in the path of a catastrophic hurricane to feel its punishing impact.
    • Many Hindus were forced to convert to Islam to escape from the punishing taxes.
    • He believed, as virtually every historian now does, that the Treaty of Versailles was unjust and punishing.
    • Police departments generally tend to put a greater emphasis on punishing failure than on rewarding success.
    • With the punishing economic downturn, police officers in many American cities are confronting what they describe as a surge in property crime.
    • The obvious antidote is not taking on such punishing workloads.
    • Austrian filmmaker Hubert Sauper paints Tanzania as the victim of a complex and punishing dynamic that exists between industrialized nations and the developing world.
    • But a private company faces a much more punishing feedback mechanism - namely, bankruptcy - to ensure accountability than any public enterprise.
    • To support her family, Ratcliffe plunged into a punishing work schedule.
    • The only man to retire from the punishing demands of the heavyweight category unbowed by defeat in any fight was Rocky Marciano.
    • You really do not expect a fellow human being to wantonly attack your livelihood with such punishing vigour and regularity.
    • Family and friends blamed a punishing work schedule for his collapse.
    • Getting shipshape in the New Year doesn't have to be punishing or expensive.
    • Those European fires are being fueled in part by a punishing heat wave that's lasted now for more than a week.
    • The noise level can be quite punishing, for a start.
    • His punishing straight-line style makes up for a lack of a second gear.
    • Bearing most of the costs and almost none of the rewards for their work, the vast majority of recording artists complete their contracts under a punishing cloud of debt.
    • Skinner also used a second type of punishing stimulus called the bar slap.
    • Running 10 miles in a cross chop is punishing in any boat.
    • He is insatiable in the quest for honours - often putting himself through a punishing schedule.
    • Despite his accomplishments, Andrew Carnegie will always be most remembered for punishing labor.
    • Kiarostami is on cutting duties again, and his edit makes for moments of punishing suspense.
    • But he can be a punishing runner and has good speed.
    • Veteran coach Robert Waseige, who had heart surgery earlier this year, put his squad through a punishing schedule.
    • Libya's stunning decision yesterday to surrender its weapons of mass destruction followed two decades of international isolation and some of the world's most punishing economic sanctions.
    • There are other applications of punishing procedures.
    • In the winter, Kathy follows a punishing routine of heavy weight training with the help of personal trainer Mike Smith.
    • He's a punishing runner with great desire who has improved his speed.
    • They owned the league's most punishing running game, one that gouged out nearly five yards per carry.
    • Plus he had a punishing travel schedule to keep in touch with his constituents.
    • Ariel Sharon vowing there will be no letup in his punishing policies.
    • It was hard to imagine how that merry prankster and mistress of worthy causes could be subject to such punishing mood swings.


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    the furniture has taken a real punishing han baqueteado mucho los muebles informal
    • his opponent took a punishing su rival se llevó una buena paliza