Translation of puny in Spanish:


enclenque, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpjuni//ˈpjuːni/

adjectivepunier, puniest


  • 1

    (person) enclenque
    (person) raquítico
    (impact) insignificante
    (effort) lastimoso
    (effort) de pena informal
    • Can you imagine Sachin Tendulkar being reduced to tears by some puny little coach?
    • They had been beaten by a puny little girl, at least eight inches shorter and scrawny.
    • My lack of faith and fear about writing now seemed puny and indefensible.
    • Your pathetic and puny mind is incapable of any true thought, and merely lurches from situation to situation.
    • The Viking soldiers tried to attack but most had fled and the others were weak and puny.
    • Father never really liked me, because I was weak and puny, the smallest amongst all my siblings.
    • Third, stay in the book business long enough to change the market dynamic and plow all those pitifully puny stores under.
    • Do my insane ramblings ring a delicate bell in your puny, thoughtless brain?
    • The females, for whom size apparently does matter, find the males puny and unappealing.
    • Japanese policemen's guns are small and sort of puny.
    • Grendel, a puny lean man with a wicked narrow face and a long nose, was enjoying a pink bubbling liquid in a gold bath.
    • At a gut level, however, $35 million sounds puny compared to the devastation in the region.
    • Despite being puny, I could beat all the boys at school.
    • They show how puny the supposed threat can seem, how feeble strutting columns of third world soldiery can abruptly become.
    • The reaction so far has been a sweeping condemnation of the team's hitters, who are described as inept and puny and feeble.
    • It is simply not worth the hassle to deal in such a puny amount - dealing costs will take out a hefty chunk of any profit on the shares.
    • All the youngsters look terribly puny, as if they need to sign up for a bodybuilding course.
    • His size might've been puny, but his strength and his lust for battle made up for it all.
    • Surely, as this puny, completely drunk man lay on top of that poor child, any one of them could have yanked him off?
    • Their gigantic footballers have seen off the puny English opposition.
    • With a puny drive and paltry track record, he has only accuracy off the tee to commend him, but it has not prevented the galleries accepting him as one of their own.
    • Any potential increase in engine power will always be puny in comparison to the amount of drag faced.
    • Severe infections result in pale, puny reds and weak whites.
    • It is a reminder that for all that the human race has accomplished in increasing its power over the environment, it is still puny in the face of the great natural forces.
    • If he was a puny bloke, I'd carry the heavy things.
    • But a too short, too skinny, too old quarterback with a puny arm could be changing that.
    • Her list of credits would make your puny little life look like a bad joke.
    • It had to be puny if a relatively weak top break handgun mechanism could safely hold it.
    • It is to his puny praise and pathetic shopping list of desires that God, the Creator of All, elects to listen to daily.
    • A starter confit of duck turned out to be one very puny, dry and underseasoned duck leg which tasted roasted not preserved in salt and fat as a proper confit should be.
    • James Brown has funk power, and had it even when his bands were playing through puny PA systems in rooms that were too large for them.
    • He has a puny physique, so he cannot be only an action hero,.
    • One of the truly distressing studies of recent times showed that a majority of Scottish men choose to be overweight because they don't want to appear puny.
    • You've got muscly legs, which are the size of pins, and muscly arms, which are puny!
    • But Stack carries the comic weight of the show on his puny underdeveloped shoulders and succeeds as an Atlas of anarchy.
    • After a few hours, the muscles on my pathetically puny arms were beginning to ache.
    • He is a dreamer, a schemer, but truth is young Ruskin is puny, skinny and, in the tradition of geeky leads, he wears glasses.
    • In Angel's mind, she thought Gunther was short and puny but sweet.
    • The answer that, ‘We are too puny to understand the purposes of God’ is not an explanation.