Translation of purgation in Spanish:


purga, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpərˈɡeɪʃən//pəːˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    Medicine purga feminine
    Medicine purgación feminine
    Religion purgación feminine
    • Clinical research on purgation in the treatment of the condition lends some support to this hypothesis.
    • By this date, it was believed that the dead did not proceed directly to salvation, but instead passed to the intermediate state of purgatory, where they experienced a prolonged and painful purgation of their sins.
    • The path to the unitive state, the mystics tell us, includes purgation, an encounter with the transforming love of God that cleanses and purifies us.
    • In Brown's late paintings and in the work Gillespie has been making in recent years, symbols are used less for confession and purgation than for spiritual instigation and invocation.
    • On the last day of Pizhichil, herbal medicines are given for purgation and a suitable diet prescribed.
    • Exorcists were known to abstain periodically from food for reasons of vision causation, purgation, and divine encounter.
    • The man Christ's voluntary and most innocent, most shameful, and most cruel death on the Cross was the deletion and purgation of, and the satisfaction for, all the carnal desires of human nature.
    • Herbs with this flavor are generally used for clearing heat, inflammation, infections, toxicity, purgation, discharge dampness, cough vomiting.
    • What was the evidence, he asked, that purgation did anyone any good?
    • For those with dry stool or constipation, purgation is adopted to clear away heat and promote bowel movement.
    • In order to understand the use of purges in TCM it is important to understand the concepts and principles of purgation as applied in herbal practice.