Translation of purist in Spanish:


purista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpjʊrəst//ˈpjʊərɪst/


  • 1

    purista feminine
    • Round the world people are just getting on with it, but there will always be the purist styles.
    • But that in itself is not the problem, although it may have the more purist fans of the novel grumbling.
    • Rao has an inimitable style with the purist in him steadfastly refusing to dilute and encash.
    • Her poetry is quite good, she knows, if a bit too popular for literary purists.
    • Some purists will insist that blackjack and poker are two entirely different games.
    • However, the author is sore that he has been disowned by Marathi literary purists.
    • But the food industry would see her as scaremongering, or at least taking a too purist view of modern nutrition.
    • A purist and a traditionalist, Gangubai has always believed in the classical tradition of music.
    • Those out there who are anti-war for the purist of ideological reasons, I salute.
    • However, Asmita has come in for criticism from purists who feel traditional art forms must not be tampered with.
    • For all its harshness, Ladakh's is a fragile environment, and purists might balk at the kind of meal my hosts cooked that night.
    • It's only a little mark, but its misuse arouses more bad temper among purists than any other punctuation.
    • You may be a purist and prefer traditional products from European mills, but today it seems it's all about choice.
    • Chai's dish of choice is far from traditional, but he insists that purists are missing out.
    • This does defeat the idea that any component can be available to anybody but it is only the technology purists that believe this to be practical.
    • How did every one react when you veered away from the purist classical tradition.
    • A purist approach to the language of the section, taken as a whole, tends to favour Mr Katkowski's approach.
    • Traditional purists will bemoan these suggestions as a dilution of tradition.
    • This was the type of fight that boxing fans like and purists of the ignoble art turn their backs on.
    • For purists and traditionalists there's only one choice - tried and tested ceramic.