Translation of Puritan in Spanish:


puritano, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpjʊrɪtn//ˈpjʊərɪt(ə)n/


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    puritano masculine
    puritana feminine
    • Both Calvin and the Puritans held to a view of Scripture that created its own difficulties.
    • During the 1650s, English Puritans attempted to replace the irregular festival calendar with the weekly and subdued Sabbath rest.
    • James had none of Elizabeth's fearful paranoia about Catholics and Puritans.
    • It arose rather in a body that had actually persecuted the Puritans - the Church of England.
    • The Puritans, who had first sought peace with the Native Americans, quickly fell into conflict with them.
    • If you read the Puritans regularly, their Bible-centeredness becomes contagious.
    • Unlike the English Puritans, the Dutch Reformed ministers made no efforts to evangelise the native peoples of the area.
    • The difference between Puritans and Anglicans is nicely illustrated in sermons from the period.
    • Less promising for the art of music were the activities of the Reformed Calvinists, including the Puritans who settled New England.
    • Earlier, it had been banned in England during the 17th century when the Puritans were strong.
    • The Puritans, who were Protestant fundamentalists, were also devout believers in the Bible.
    • In appealing to the Bible, the Puritans exercised a merciless critique of the spiritual life in Anglicanism.
    • Back in the 17th century, at the time of the Commonwealth, the Puritans tried to ban Christmas.
    • He propagated ideas and emphases which departed from the biblical tradition established by the Reformers and Puritans.
    • That is to say, Milton at this time had notions that would have been deemed as heretical by the Calvinist theology of the ascendant Presbyterian Puritans.
    • These men would return and become the leaders of the English Puritans in the reign of Elizabeth.
    • Excessive frivolity has always been frowned upon by some, and Christmas was not celebrated by the Puritans or Calvinists.
    • Closer to our own century, the Puritans wrote extensively on mutuality within marriage.
    • Bishops and Puritans knew each other well and in several cases were old friends.
    • From its inception there had been a committed Protestant minority who aspired to complete a full Protestant reformation - the Puritans.
    • In addition, many people do not know that there are Chinese versions of puritans with clean hands burning with passion for communist ideology.
    • But tackling Spears in public would have made the far right look like scolds or puritans.
    • I agree with him that such resources have been misappropriated by puritans and extremists.
    • The folks behind this campaign, which invited the wrath of the puritans, are two young men based in Bangalore.
    • Well, I think the press - they're kind of decadent puritans.
    • Many of us are not puritans and puritans don't go to strip clubs - why make an issue about it?
    • So begone, hypocritical puritans, and let the rest of us get on with enjoying our daily dose of sex and gossip.
    • The human cloth is dyed into too many different shades to allow either puritans or libertarians to have the last word.
    • But they're not puritans, and like to let their hair down once in a while.
    • The liberal puritans, by contrast, are riding high in the media and in the courts.
    • He is the puritan who is to shut down the stages of London, who - like other puritans in the 1990s, perhaps - feels that he has the only acceptable handle on social control.
    • At this point He could be fairly accused of being a cabal of anti-car puritans.
    • A few centuries ago it may not have seemed out of place, but even modern-day American puritans have been shocked by Florida's so-called ‘Scarlet Letter’ law.
    • Teetotalers, or people who drink in moderation, on the other hand are boring, no fun, puritans, kill-joys etc.
    • Modern social puritans see recess as a frivolous luxury, and the trend has caught on with alarming speed.
    • He would be ostracized by the puritans on both the right and the left - by the feminists patrolling the sexual borders of contemporary life and by the politicos peddling decency.
    • Like most puritans he despairs that we keep smoking, ‘which is curious considering that very few smokers nowadays are not aware of the health risks associated with smoking’.
    • Where will prosecutors and overzealous puritans draw the line?
    • These are precisely the values the puritans and zealots of many faiths and ideologies would destroy.
    • But the new puritans argue that any risk, no matter how infinitesimal, is intolerable.
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    puritano masculine
    puritana feminine


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    (morally strict)