Translation of puritanical in Spanish:


puritano, adj.

Pronunciation /pjʊərɪˈtanɪk(ə)l//ˌpjʊrəˈtænək(ə)l/


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    (society/upbringing/attitude) puritano
    • It's about time we abandoned this puritanical attitude toward sex.
    • Africans have quite our prim, puritanical attitude towards extra - marital sex.
    • You have been intimidated by their moralising self-righteousness, brow-beaten by their puritanical spartanism, seduced by their appointment-diary ethics.
    • Compare that to the United States with our puritanical attitudes toward sex and federal funding for abstinence-only education.
    • With untold billions illegally wagered on sport in the US, one might also think that the puritanical aversion that the nation feels towards the marriage of sport and wagering would dissipate.
    • Flimsy storylines concentrate on chaste boy-girl relationships, with hip-grinding dance numbers providing enough sex to titillate the audience without upsetting India's puritanical film censors.
    • The new building steers the straits between meticulous restoration and furious demolition, refusing a puritanical stance towards the glass-cased bibelot.
    • Arensberg was not the only visitor to be perplexed by a country where, he noted, ‘a puritanical morality’ coexisted with ‘the hilarity of the race meeting.’
    • From the start, the concept of parading women on stage - fully clothed or not - has always been a contentious issue, making Miss World a prime target for negative media attention and the scorn of puritanical groups.
    • We're getting pretty annoyed by this puritanical attitude that sexuality is evil.
    • On the other hand, the Wahhabi movement in Arabia in the eighteenth century represents both a strict, puritanical reading of the works, and a rejection of the itjihad tradition, considered to be responsible for internal decay.
    • The hero, as such, played by Edward Woodward, is a rather prissy, puritanical character, and a devout Christian.
    • They think our attempts to legislate morality are barbaric, puritanical and doomed to failure.
    • Members tend to be puritanical in moral teachings and to disapprove of Sufism.
    • Despite their antagonism towards religion and ‘bourgeois morality’, the communists had a puritanical attitude to sex.
    • Working among the Calvinist peasantry in Staphorst, a village near Amsterdam, Sluyters adopted a sombre Expressionist style to depict the puritanical austerity of their lives.
    • That puritanical attitude often carries with it a lot of hypocrisy.
    • By time, this puritanical attitude has fortunately changed and the opera is now unanimously regarded as a total masterpiece.
    • I'm sure there are those down here who just see me as a Scot with a Calvinist streak and a puritanical attitude.
    • Temperance was inspired by evangelical Christianity and puritanical moralism.