Translation of purple in Spanish:


morado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈpərpəl//ˈpəːp(ə)l/


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    (bluish) morado
    (bluish) violeta
    (reddish) púrpura
    he turned purple with rage se puso lívido de ira
    • Bring the pan of water back to the boil and cook the linguini for three minutes - it will take on the purple colour.
    • Greens and reds are typically caused by oxygen, while purple and blue colours are caused by nitrogen.
    • It opens with a borsch soup, a smooth and tangy beet broth served with a side of sour cream that melts into the bowl, marbling the intense purple colour.
    • The broccoli now has a tiny purple flower head, so hopefully that will grow nicely and I can have some home grown!
    • I am wearing dark green and white with a purple scarf - suffragette colours.
    • We pass through pretty forests of birch and pine trees, moss covered rocks and a haze of blue and purple flowers.
    • Apart from the low ratio of glass to metal and the extremely tight overhang, the purple colour of the car was also added to make it more appealing to the youth.
    • It makes the most delicious jam because of the richness of the purple colour and fruity taste.
    • This is a wonderful plant, very strong growing and with lovely dark purple flowers in July and August.
    • He also came across the purple flower, right, named Bougainvillea, that thrives in the hot climate.
    • Yellow, white and purple flowers ringed a stage in front of a jagged mountain of dark wreckage.
    • I called one our maids, Andrea, to go and put the blue and purple flowers in the drawing room.
    • The moors are a huge open, treeless upland area covered in heather whose purple flowers can be seen from space when they bloom in late August.
    • It was draped in black and topped with red, white and purple flowers.
    • Here is an abundance of wild flowers: the orchids are especially prevalent, and produce small pink / purple carpets of colour.
    • They objected to the purple colour scheme, the spiky typeface and the use of stars, and asked for a prominent disclaimer making it clear the book was not officially endorsed.
    • The variety ‘William III’ has double, rich purple flowers and chocolate hips and rarely tops 1m tall.
    • She went back, and found another skirt, with a blue and purple flower imprint.
    • The purple flowers have a golden centre and their silky-hairy texture adds an extra dimension to their appeal.
    • The first thing I noticed in the area around me were tiny, white, yellow and purple flowers.
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    (passage/prose) grandilocuente


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    (bluish) morado masculine
    (bluish) violeta masculine
    (reddish) púrpura masculine
    to be raised to the purple recibir la púrpura cardenalicia literary