Translation of purpose in Spanish:


propósito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpəːpəs//ˈpərpəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(intention, reason)

      propósito masculine
      intención feminine
      what was your purpose in doing it? ¿qué pretendías / qué te proponías con eso?
      • I came here with the purpose of visiting my family vine con el propósito / la intención de visitar a mi familia
      • a woman with a purpose in life una mujer con una meta / un norte en la vida
      • for a purpose
      • I left the door open for a purpose por algo / por alguna razón dejé la puerta abierta
      • he is here for a purpose está aquí por una razón
      • for one's own purposes por su (or mi etc.) propio interés
      • the machine is good enough for our purposes la máquina sirve para lo que nos proponemos hacer con ella
      • for the purposes of this experiment para este experimento
      • for all practical purposes a efectos prácticos
      • There is a palpable new confidence and sense of purpose in the squad.
      • He checked into rehab, straightened out his head and re-emerged with a new sense of purpose.
      • How he handles the tabloid tales and maintains a higher sense of purpose could be his key to a happy and fulfilled life.
      • We need to infuse our global leadership with a new sense of purpose and lasting resolve.
      • Stalin expanded the system for the purpose of creating a massive labour pool.
      • Maybe the training workshop has a secondary purpose, which is to give some of us the space to let off steam.
      • He is a great man to turn up year after year and his stamina and sense of purpose is unequalled.
      • It strikes me that Tunstall has two important attributes in life: sense of purpose and lack of fear.
      • The student said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Massad could be kicked off campus.
      • If you've made an effort, you should explain the purpose and the reason behind it.
      • Learned grown-ups and leaders have to move with a sense of purpose, in a fixed direction.
      • A powerful sense of purpose and contemporary relevance drives the website.
      • Thus the reasons for and the purpose behind a person's detention are all-important.
      • The trust has decided to rename it Chorister's House to reflect the original purpose of the building.
      • They understood the purpose of the meeting was to discuss incorporating a new company.
      • Duncan Smith has approached the past week with the focus and sense of purpose to be expected of a former Scots Guard.
      • Looking within ourselves, we are immediately aware of our own sense of purpose and destiny.
      • It was in imparting this knowledge that teachers gained their sense of purpose.
      • This is a reasonable choice, keeping in mind the purpose of the Act to promote animal welfare.
      • The midfield pairing provided Rangers with a dynamic, unrelenting sense of purpose.
      • Strong traditions can give you guidance, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose in life.
      • It is grossly unfair and it is defeating the purpose of these meetings.
      • As we used registries created for other purposes, the data should be unbiased.
      • He appealed to the teachers to inculcate human values and a sense of purpose in life among children.
      • Can you talk about who your viewers are, what audience, or for whom are you making a film, if such a purpose exists?
      • It is a self-conscious feeling of insecurity about their own status and sense of purpose in society today.
      • There, amid the danger and terrible conditions, he found a new sense of purpose.
      • The soldiers of the Bengal Army might have been disgruntled but they were well led and were fired by a sense of purpose.
      • They concluded in terms that she would not be prepared to attend any meeting save for the purpose of her reinstatement.
      • There's a high degree of trust, a very high degree of camaraderie and sense of purpose.
      • That gave him his certainty of purpose and defined the purpose of his politics.
      • The law says your used car must be of satisfactory quality, as described and reasonably fit for its purpose.
      • The majority of his subject paintings concern childhood, frequently with a moral purpose.
      • What is reasonable in a given case depends on the purpose for which the bail is demanded.
      • Ball believes the high rate of share ownership has contributed to a strong sense of purpose.
      • Remember that Kant emphasized formal features and the idea of purposiveness without a purpose.
      • The prosecution case was that the purpose of the meetings was to facilitate money laundering.
      • Nor did they change my understanding as to what the purpose of the meeting had been.
      • It was created for the purpose of promoting advancement and prosperity of our continent.
      • In short it has no sense of purpose and responds to the glare of scrutiny like a deer caught in the head lights.

    • 1.2(use)

      what's the purpose of this button? ¿para qué sirve / qué función tiene este botón?
      • it has no real purpose, it's simply for decoration no sirve para nada en especial, es simplemente decorativo
      • to serve a (useful) purpose servir de algo
      • prolonging the debate would serve no useful purpose prolongar el debate no serviría de / para nada
      • he complained, and to some purpose, because later he was promoted se quejó, y de algo sirvió, porque luego lo ascendieron

  • 2

    determinación feminine
    she has great strength of purpose tiene gran determinación
    • to have a/no sense of purpose tener/no tener una meta / un norte en la vida

transitive verb

archaic, literary

  • 1

    to purpose to + inf planear + inf
    • It is asserted that God, purposing to reveal himself to persons, ‘speaks to them in human words.’
    • This artful temple was purposed to inspire, still and deeply touch the traveller.
    • You must repent of any callous attitude to the right use of the means God has purposed to accomplish his will.
    • Informal or intimate talk is purposed to establish and maintain social contacts with others, making social connections, developing and reinforcing intimate relationships.
    • One is left to wonder if there is any shred of piety remaining in the one institution God purposed to be a life-long union but is being defiled at will.
    • That is the destination he has purposed for redeemed sinners.
    • Situated in the heart of Lusaka's Chawama township, the Chawama Youth Project has purposed to change the lives of unemployed youths into viable self-reliant and respectable people.
    • This lane is purposed to speed the transport of vehicles who were deliberate about pooling resources, and conserving time and energy.