Translation of purposeless in Spanish:


sin sentido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpəːpəslɪs//ˈpərpəsləs/


  • 1

    (existence) sin sentido
    (existence) sin un norte
    (violence) gratuito
    • The evening deteriorated into a purposeless clutter of sensations: flutes shrilling; a shower of violets from the ceiling; a charlatan vomiting flames.
    • Returning to Montreal in '93, his pro hockey days behind him, a disheartened Jere worked in the exciting and fulfilling world of home renovations, but nevertheless felt empty and purposeless.
    • But in this present world we have entire nations that see the woman, her nature, and her femininity as worthless, unimportant, purposeless, and unproductive. Women must ask whose thinking is that?
    • Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove their need for the power process or make them ‘sublimate’ their drive for power into some harmless hobby.
    • Charles Darwin's core claim is that the apparent design we intuitively observe in nature is an illusion that can be explained by mindless, purposeless, mechanistic and accidental processes.
    • Let's also have the nerve to push over the unattractive sandstone façade standing, purposeless, in Ingram Street.
    • In the past two months I have kicked smoking, hopefully for good, redefined my the meaning of my existence fit a new purposeless endeavour, now I need another distraction.
    • This hyperkinetic disorder is characterized by involuntary, sudden, frequent, and purposeless jerks of the extremities, head, and trunk associated with facial grimaces.
    • They organize the missions not as a purposeless manifestation of despair but to attain a certain political aim.
    • It leaves a disconcerting sense of loneliness and purposeless to things.
    • The old idea of the universe as purposeless has been replaced by a new physics… of things being drawn towards ends or goals… and now we see that the whole cosmos is in creative evolution.
    • An alienated and fearful public is the flip side of an isolated and purposeless elite.
    • But this matchless capacity for purposeless lies has proven a drain on the charm resources of both.
    • Many scientists believe the dogma that the blind, purposeless forces of evolution (random mutations and natural selection) created all the genetic information in plants.
    • Without them you have not got a society at all, you have purposeless anarchy.
    • It is true that I despise purposeless killing, and regard it as an act of vandalism deserving the severest condemnation.
    • This planned spontaneity might sound like a paradox, but I usually find that chaotic and purposeless free time is not worth a great deal.
    • Now, although he remained an MP, he suddenly faced the prospect of empty, purposeless days - and all because of his involvement with a married woman.
    • It is purposeless drama and disappointing as this came from the hands of noted director Krishna Vamsee.
    • Insomnia, Nolan's entrance into major studio film-making, was an empty and purposeless work, again, nearly all posturing.
    • This time last year, Bevy was throwing me a party in her Marpole penthouse, I hadn't moved home yet, I was lonely, disillusioned, depressed, purposeless, empty, angry, and unfulfilled.
    • I was right about that bit of silly purposeless fence.
    • For those who want to be more spoon-fed (or at least given some hint that there is a purpose), long takes of the two leads (both referred to as Gerry) walking will probably seem purposeless.
    • It is easy to forget that prior to the terrorist attacks, the president appeared purposeless and adrift.
    • Many there are now convinced of what they have lost in the last half a century due to purposeless confrontation.
    • It is however for the Board itself to protect its prestige and reputation by not being misled into purposeless action.
    • He keeps introducing characters who have no bearing on the story, and there are far too many purposeless scenes (including some flashbacks to Stone's youth).
    • This, for those who have embraced his philosophy, and that is most of our contemporaries, makes the world and human life meaningless and purposeless.
    • Sydenham's chorea is characterized by abrupt, purposeless, nonrhythmic, involuntary movements; muscular weakness; and emotional disturbances.
    • Wilful, purposeless, ambivalent cruelty seems to have been a major theme of the rudderless summer government.
    • Otherwise, scrap these purposeless ministries and start over with meaning.
    • How could a culture not be stagnant, not feel purposeless, when a large middle class has been granted the luxury of materiality, which is swallowed in conformity as a measure of the expanse of life itself?
    • The son of former partisans and communist militants, he leads a purposeless existence, unable to develop any meaningful relationships.
    • With such a meaningless and purposeless outlook on life - no wonder Johnny, given certain background inclinations and pressures, sometimes sees nothing wrong in deciding to shoot his fellow students.