Translation of purposely in Spanish:


deliberadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈpərpəsli//ˈpəːpəsli/


  • 1

    (facetious/hurtful) deliberadamente
    (facetious/hurtful) intencionadamente
    (do/say) a propósito
    (say/do) ex profeso
    (say/do) adrede
    • The half hour length of many TV programmes seems purposely designed to leave us craving for more.
    • These are purposely put on in these totalitarian societies as of way of subverting the population.
    • She would not purposely try to hurt you but if you asked her opinion, you would get it, even if it was not what you wanted to hear.
    • Did you ever make the frog purposely get hit by a car just to see him splatter?
    • The big mistake Takeshi made, however, was to purposely have the computer blood look fake.
    • We purposely didn't make a big deal of the twenty-fifth because we think every year is important.
    • On the rifle range, Wesley purposely missed the target on his first few tries.
    • I rolled my eyes, purposely intent on winding her up just for the hell of it.
    • Future generations can then enjoy the new amenities but will not rue the day we purposely destroyed the nature of the place.
    • Trip limits were purposely set so that everyone would have an equal chance.
    • I entered the living room, purposely sitting at a distance to avoid father's tirade.
    • It is a fine example of an old institution, purposely built which is now being used with a new future in education.
    • We played the basics of the song live and purposely left a lot of space for other elements to come in later.
    • This cat and mouse tactic was purposely designed to provoke, enrage and panic the unemployed.
    • Sanrio designers have purposely limited her story to the barest of details.
    • From the kick off Celtics passing was a class act, with the ball moving around swiftly and purposely.
    • Seth told us later that she purposely went over some big bumps, just cuz we were back there.
    • He said some local authorities are purposely turning a deaf ear to illegal weapons production.
    • I fear the event might be misunderstood and purposely hooked on by designers and enemies.
    • A runaway winner at Sandown in February, he has purposely been kept fresh for this Merseyside jackpot bid.