Translation of pursuit in Spanish:


persecución, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈsut//pəˈsjuːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(chase)

      persecución feminine
      (in cycling) carrera de persecución feminine
      (in cycling) persecución feminine
      she set off in pursuit of the thief salió en persecución / a la caza del ladrón
      • The football was of the highest standard and urged on by a highly vocal support both teams were giving one hundred percent in pursuit of the title.
      • You can hear dogs barking in the background and, yes, look, cut to a shot of hounds scampering in pursuit of something small and fluffy.
      • He is chasing himself in pursuit of a glory that has eluded thousands of cricketers who have played this game.
      • An advocate has a goal in mind and, in pursuit of this goal, searches for legal arguments that might persuade a court.
      • There is something awe-inspiring about it, and something tragic about people dying in pursuit of those dreams.
      • He is among the favourites to win a second gold in the track individual pursuit on Saturday.
      • Hot in pursuit of their goals, democracy can be forgotten and principles of civil liberties and human rights take a back seat.
      • Cut to a fast-paced car chase, cop cars in pursuit of suspects in a getaway car.
      • All those who ran or walked the first fixture collected three points and will now have target times to chase in pursuit of the overall title.
      • For those who are willing to travel in pursuit of unusual plants and an exotic garden, a trip to Logan Botanic Garden in Galloway is well worth the effort.
      • Northumbria Police said no police vehicles were in pursuit of the stolen car at the time of the crash.
      • Wayne was in pursuit of a vehicle that had been reported stolen.
      • The track pursuit specialist ultimately wants two more Olympic gold medals but has also been tipped to star in Tour de France time trials.
      • In a ballot earlier this year, firefighters voted by nine to one to take strike action in pursuit of a pay increase of 40 percent.
      • As such, helicopter borne sections will swoop down on suspect vehicles in pursuit of looters and the illegal oil trade.
      • The land was churned up by riders and followers of the Bedale Hunt in pursuit of a fox last Saturday.
      • His critics have always accepted that he is courageous, determined and utterly ruthless in pursuit of the causes in which he believes.
      • There are still plenty of individual pursuits to be found in mountain bike racing.
      • As is customary at the start of a new hunting season, Ferry and the South Shropshire hunt, where he is joint master, were in pursuit of fox cubs.
      • The vehicle sped off in pursuit of the prisoner and quickly caught up with him.
      • He chased and harried in pursuit of the ball, and a goal.
      • The mantra that, in pursuit of serenity, you should change those things you can change and accept those you cannot has become rather dangerous.
      • Quality is going in pursuit of audiences and name presenters.

    • 1.2(search, striving)

      the pursuit of sth
      • the pursuit of happiness la búsqueda de la felicidad
      • in the pursuit of her goals en su lucha por alcanzar sus objetivos

  • 2

    (pastime, activity)
    actividad feminine
    her leisure pursuits sus pasatiempos
    • He was not interested in one sport but intrigued by the dynamics of the whole range of athletic pursuits.
    • A very wide range of extra curricular activities is offered, including performing arts, sport and leisure pursuits.
    • This might be an opportune time to explore or return to hobbies, leisure activities or career pursuits.
    • Among his favoured recreational pursuits is painting.
    • His leisure pursuits are listed as rugby, fishing and shooting.
    • Interest in golf as a sporting/leisure pursuit has increased dramatically over the last number of years.
    • Hann claims he has given up alcohol in recent months and taken up other sporting pursuits such as tennis and fishing.
    • To establish constitutional protections for recreational pursuits such as hunting is not only inappropriate, but redundant.
    • The majority of those seeking employment found it, and the introduction of structured working hours meant that recreational pursuits took a more prominent place in everyday life.
    • Bulgaria's industrial revolution did not bring levels of development as advanced as in other countries, but people acquired more leisure time for cultural pursuits.
    • His illness interfered with his workplace responsibilities, recreational pursuits, and his hobby of stamp collecting.
    • Kids went roller skating, played in the Jungle Tumble Land, had arts and crafts lessons and a host of other sporting and fun pursuits including football, tennis, badminton and basketball.
    • Despite the entry of a myriad of new age sports onto the community calendar, traditional leisure pursuits such as shooting seem to be holding their own.
    • For others, the time to think has also meant the opportunity to be creative - to try artistic pursuits or to write that ‘best seller’ many people believe they have in them.
    • The officers use sport as a tool to engage young people in active recreation and leisure pursuits and facilities at the level to suit their needs.
    • Aesthetic pursuits, sporty activity and creative pastimes are rejuvenating.
    • Most at home in the outdoors, she finds an outlet for her interest in the natural in a range of recreational pursuits.
    • It is set in more than 200 acres of forest, with a golf course and leisure pursuits such as riding, cycling and rambling.
    • It is my prediction that protesting may yet become the recreational pursuit of choice in the 21st century.
    • His leisure time pursuits included stamp collecting, operatic music, cycling, walking and athletics.