Translation of purvey in Spanish:


proveer, v.

Pronunciation /pərˈveɪ//pəˈveɪ/

transitive verb


  • 1

    to purvey sth to sb proveer / abastecer a algn de algo
    • Occasionally, it seems to be their recording technique which purveys a great deal of the album's intimacy rather than the content.
    • As I see it, we have a perfect example here of the left trying to muzzle or altogether silence a weblog that purveys ideas they don't like or agree with.
    • Unless MPs and other leaders are pro-active, there will be very little room for prophets of doom who may wish to take advantage of some weaknesses and use these as fertile ground to purvey lies and discontent.
    • It purveys locally produced foods, wines, olive oils, cheeses and breads.
    • Interestingly, most adware companies slough off criticism onto their affiliates when caught purveying their unwanted goods.
    • The latter, in its legal and typical form, was a few stalls in a nearby town where peasant women purveyed food to urban-dwellers.
    • In February 1342 he and William were instructed to sell all victuals purveyed by them.
    • Credit cards are convenient, but few individuals have setups where they can handle the plastic, that being the purvey of businesses who deal in volume.
    • Our agenda is simply to delight hundreds of millions of children, harmlessly purveying the wholesome, uplifting values of community decency.
    • All are meant to purvey the same message of ubiquitousness, a sinister blend of reassurance and menace.
    • We left that hell hole behind us chomping down on the strange alien food purveyed at the exit.
    • He purveys the usual Labour beliefs in comprehensive education.
    • What that spyware is trying to do is collect that information and the people who are purveying it trying to sell it.
    • At the other end of the city a sex shop proprietor had to fight tooth and nail to obtain a licence to sell his wares, while just around the corner a shop purveying the same stock does not need a licence because he sells candles as well.
    • More than 20 million web pages purvey pornography to suit every taste, ‘adult’ chat rooms abound and virtual peepshows are proliferating at a staggering rate.
    • The dead man was one of many black Africans purveying goods outside normal shop hours and without work permits.
    • In this effort, advertising companies have notoriously used women as objects to purvey their products.
    • They purveyed all sorts of nonsense to US and UK newspapers, who swallowed it hook line and sinker.
    • However, in the discourse of food and social level purveyed by this image, a more specific message is communicated by that eroticism.
    • Though never quite managing to hit commercial paydirt, Glasgow-born singer/songwriter John Martyn has carved out an acclaimed career by purveying an idiosyncratic mix of rock, folk and jazz.