Translation of pus in Spanish:


pus, n.

Pronunciation /pʌs//pəs/


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    pus masculine
    • Sinus drainage is the draining of mucus or pus (present as a result of infection) from the nasal sinuses.
    • The head may break, and the boil may begin to drain pus, blood, or an amber-colored liquid.
    • When the bone is infected, pus is produced within the bone.
    • Occasionally blisters become infected, and are filled with yellow pus.
    • In two patients the organism was isolated from pus as well as blood.
    • There is a urethral discharge, yellow pus, mucus and pus or clear mucus at the opening.
    • The tonsils and the back of the throat may look red, swollen and dotted with whitish or yellowish patches of pus.
    • The skin over these swollen lymph nodes may become warm and red, and occasionally the lymph nodes drain pus.
    • Remarkably, he inoculated himself with pus from a suppurating bubo to fortify himself against bubonic plague.
    • The pus is not infected but consists of white blood cells.
    • The surrounding tissue swells up and thin pus leaks through narrow passages called sinuses onto the surface of the skin.
    • An acute middle ear infection can cause a build up of pus and blood inside the middle ear, which may feel very uncomfortable.
    • The formation of pus as a result of infected tissue around the anus or rectum.
    • The bacteria or fungi, along with infected brain cells and pus, mass together in one area of the brain.
    • Also very rarely, sinusitis can spread to form a pocket of pus in an eye socket, the brain or a facial bone.
    • The areas will usually appear red and purple with yellow pus or clear yellow liquid on the surface.
    • This causes immense pain because in the night, blood, pus, and water from the skin leak out to form a dry crust on the outside of the open weave bandages.
    • Signs and symptoms of an abscess include swelling and redness, pus, and fever.
    • The effect is perhaps marginally greater in the samples of surgical pus than in the empyema pus.
    • In some cases, the doctor may need to remove pus and debris from the ear with gentle cleaning or suction.