Translation of push in Spanish:


empujoncito, n.

Pronunciation /pʊʃ//pʊʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (gentle) empujoncito masculine
      (violent) empujón masculine
      she gave me a hell of a push me dio tremendo empujón
      • she gave the door a push and it opened empujó la puerta y se abrió
      • my car won't start; could you give me a push? el coche no me arranca ¿me empujas?
      • He patted me on the back and gave me a slight push to the door as if I should do it right now.
      • The move follows a government push to recruit 3,000 matrons across the country as part of a major plan for the National Health Service.
      • Spitz looked back at the wisecracking Kai and with a little push, Kai was knocked out again.
      • Instead, though, I gave Anna a little push, and they moved sideways to the locker beside me.
      • Michaels shoved me into the backseat with a harsh push and slammed the door in my face, and I realized it has been a while since a cop has done that to me.
      • Just push open the door and walk straight up to the bar.
      • Jess gave the door a slight push and it swung open.
      • The Chinese are reportedly already a slight majority but new plans indicate a big push to move more settlers in.
      • Then he tried to push Alice away gently trying not to hurt her bruises from the previous night but she wouldn't move with his gentle push.
      • There is a push now to move the drugs over the counter.
      • Mark said, giving her a small push through the door and closing it behind her.
      • If it means more critics or voters seeing films in the theater, it's a terrific outcome, even if the push behind the move is incredibly faulty.
      • Not so much as a push - absolutely no physical contact - just words.
      • She sees the skin of her hand and pushes Neil out the door, ending the seduction for now.
      • Finally I gave him a push and slammed the door in front of his face.
      • The move is the latest push by baseball to increase its marketing to younger fans - and make money along the way.
      • With a gentle push from another locomotive from behind, Flying Scotsman broke through a banner declaring Railfest open to the sound of the City of York Pipe Band.
      • The corporation is fighting a push by creditors to move the former energy trading giant's bankruptcy case from New York to its hometown of Houston.
      • There was a push, a punch and another blow then a complaint to the police.
      • I pushed the handle down and gave a gentle push upon the door.

    • 1.2informal (pressure)

      she needs a bit of a push now and again de vez en cuando hay que apretarle las clavijas informal
      • when it came to the push, she gave in a la hora de la verdad, cedió
      • So was the long push to get the case before a jury worth the effort?
      • The weekend's traffic effort from the Gardai was part of a national push to clamp down on dangerous and drunken driving.
      • It attributes this growth to more affluent online shoppers, an ecommerce push by traditional retailers and the aggressive promotion of online stores.
      • The Lartigue Monorail Restoration project has started its final fundraising push at a special press briefing in Listowel.
      • The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is revitalising its network of information points and is urging local shops, pubs and cafes to join in the promotion push.
      • A leading campaigner in the push to reopen Rochdale Canal has called on Rochdale Council to act swiftly to create a boatyard in Littleborough.
      • It's part of a fundraising push that will also see an internationally renowned pianist play the £11,000 grand piano at Swindon's New College.
      • However, over the last month the manager has noticed a marked improvement in their standards and he now believes that his side are ready to embark on a serious promotion push.
      • Jerry Gill is already looking forward to a promotion push with Cheltenham next season as he reckons their young bucks will be even better next term.
      • Nevertheless, the triumph gave York their first double of the league campaign and it could yet prove crucial in both side's promotion pushes.
      • He noted that the TV station's ratings have responded to recent programming changes, and a strong push of promotion will help even more.
      • This push into music is the start of a daring effort to reinvent one of the world's best-known brands.
      • The visitors were denied a third goal on 69 minutes when Sills crashed a powerful volley into the roof of the net but his effort was ruled out for an innocuous push.
      • In an effort to maintain the push, Operation Impact has forged a partnership with Crimestoppers.
      • The nonpartisan effort, sponsored by a coalition of local groups, pushes registration at venues such as clubs and restaurants.
      • Tindal Street Press gives the genre a push onto the bookshelves.
      • He says the decision would also complement the current push to regulate the labour hire industry and ensure employers did not use labour hire to undercut the award system.
      • The company's ambitious push to drive the brand upmarket risks hurting its existing premium marque, Audi.
      • They were amazing during our promotion push last season.
      • As reported in Monday's Evening Press, York Police have launched a new push to remove beggars from York's streets.
      • A series of events is also planned as part of the fund-raising push.
      • That it continues to provide solace to readers long after the initial marketing push.
      • The push into the enterprise space makes sense.

  • 2

    • 2.1(effort)

      esfuerzo masculine

    • 2.2Military

      ofensiva feminine
      • Despite the military push, a rocket which was fired from Gaza landed in an open area of Israel's Negev Desert overnight, causing no damage or injuries.
      • Once Morocco was secure, it served as a major base for U.S. bombers and as a logistics center for the push toward Tunisia and Sicily.
      • He was convinced that a major US military push into Najaf was not far away.
      • The push of the main group of forces should be directed at exploiting success and thwarting the enemy's attempts to restore its defenses.
      • American forces then embarked on the long push to Tokyo.
      • The push to downsize the military and privatize functions means government contracts are a growth industry.
      • The allies had concentrated the bulk of their troops to the north in advance of the push towards Germany, and this had left the US forces at the Ardennes thinly spread.
      • We hit the targets at night in a final push against the terrorist's stronghold near the airport.
      • With the rapid push to Baghdad, our mission changed often, as did the CSB's task organization.
      • In Iraq, the military has launched another push against insurgents in the region where the rebellion continues to rage.
      • A Communist push from the highlands to the sea to cut South Vietnam in half and isolate Saigon appeared in the offing.
      • Now, these attacks come, as you say, amid day three of the military's latest push against insurgents in the western desert.
      • Now, all this comes on the heels of what was the deadliest attack here since the they ended their push, their offensive near the coast.
      • The re-election of the president is expected to be followed in short order by a massive US military push into the desert city.
      • It was too easy for some units we saw to take a final break before the big push into Iraq.
      • The Biafran army then went on the offensive in a push towards Lagos.
      • The Pentagon is making a serious push to pull US forces out of Balkans altogether.
      • The Marines need a divisional push to seize Fallujah and they don't have the men.
      • It is the latest U.S. military push against the insurgency.
      • The Allied forces co-ordinated a major push from the spring and, in April, the British pushed forward in the battle of Arras.

    • 2.3(for sales)

      campaña feminine

  • 3informal

    (will to succeed)
    empuje masculine
    dinamismo masculine
    • These men, who ‘do not let the grass grow under their feet’, are clearly all push and enterprise.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (car/table/person) empujar
      he pushed him into the room le dio un empujón para que entrara en la habitación
      • he pushed him into the swimming pool lo tiró a la piscina de un empujón
      • she pushed him down the stairs lo empujó escaleras abajo
      • he pushed us aside / out of the way nos apartó de un empujón
      • did she resign or was she pushed? ¿renunció o la renunciaron?
      • she pushed her finger between the bars metió el dedo por entre las rejas
      • I pushed the door to / shut cerré la puerta empujándola
      • to push one's way abrirse paso a empujones
      • Gasping for air, I scramble towards the raft and, with my four bobbing companions, swim to the safety of the shore pushing the raft in front of us.
      • Lora, who was well under four feet tall, easily pushed the larger boy away and slipped into the room without a sound.
      • After a couple, you'll be ready to emulate Byron, who liked to swim across the Grand Canal pushing a candle in front of him.
      • Ryo stood to walk out of the house, but Kunshi moved toward him and pushed him back into a seat.
      • When he was about to take Winston's hand I found myself blocking the way, gently pushing the distressed little boy behind me.
      • The winds pressed against my back and forced me upright, pushed me toward the side yard, then into the front.
      • He felt sunshine on his face, but it was quickly torn away from him as a sack was ruthlessly shoved onto his head and he was pushed away.
      • The boy who had pushed Jaime earlier was now walking with Gwion, gesturing wildly as his voice rose to new heights.
      • Rira managed to get in front of me and pushed the girl out of the way.
      • Akasha and Jessie were able to get threw because a large boy in front of them was pushing people out the way.
      • Two young mums pushing their children in front of them walk along the narrow pavement by the pub as we stand watching the traffic.
      • she asked, helping me into the wheelchair as she pushed the cart in front of me.
      • I slam the brakes and the force of the car pushes us toward the windshield.
      • I made my way around one defense man but skating between them and pushing the puck in front of me.
      • I started pushing the people in front of me to get in the front also.
      • Immediately she was pushed away and the ground would have cushion her fall except that would have hurt, but she was cushion by a warm body instead.
      • She glared and started pushing her cart in front of mine.
      • The guard announced, gently pushing the boy in front of him.
      • As everyone looked to the door, a plump nurse appeared around the curtain pushing a cart in front of her.
      • In one case the workers were pushed away by federal and military police squads.
      • Then the mass of boys began pushing Hyrum down the street.
      • And wisely, unlike so many of her opponents, she had elected not to run with that stall on her back or push it in front of her on a trolley.
      • She said in exasperation, pushing her way in front of them once again.
      • With his leg Marcus pushed one of the boys off of him and then he took his arm and hit the other boy.
      • ‘He started running away pushing the pushchair in front of him,’ said Mr Butterworth.
      • Embarassedly Kris pushed the older boy away, and tried to hide his blush.
      • Another woman budded in, pushing her way in front of the group.
      • A few months ago, I was walking down the main street in my home town when two women in front, pushing their children in strollers, stopped dead on the pavement and started talking.
      • He sat up, pushing the younger boy up as well, as he reached over to the table and grabbed a textbook.
      • Being the chivalrous idiot that I am, I kept pushing the person in front up, and the inevitable happened.

    • 1.2(press)

      (button) apretar
      (button) pulsar
      (lever) darle a
      (lever) accionar formal
      • Ally took the keys and pushed the unlock button on the keyless entry remote.
      • He laughed pushing the up button and the elevator doors swung open.
      • They walked silently to the elevator and Bridget pushed the down button.
      • By pushing a few ATM buttons, they can transfer their cash directly into Citibank vaults.
      • He picks up the presentation/computer remote and pushes the top left button.
      • They have reached the elevator and he pushes the down button.
      • Staff activate the alarms by pushing an easily accessible button.
      • Over the next few hours, I experiment with pushing the little attendant button occasionally to see if anyone cares, but they don't.
      • The size of a watch, the DRS device is activated by pushing the Panic Button or when the device senses you haven't moved around in a while.
      • They were instructed to quickly push one of two buttons depending on the arrow's direction.
      • The man in the coat turned around to his desk, pushing a big red button.
      • ‘I want to hear,’ she said, pushing the small black button on the phone's cradle.
      • Cameron knelt down quickly, pushing one more button.
      • She dementedly begins cackling as she pulls out an antenna and pushes a big red button.
      • She pushes the down button on the one next to it, hoping it would hurry up.
      • When everything was frozen in place again, he pushed the Unpause button.
      • She pushed a small blue button on the side of the device, and it lit up.
      • After pushing the last button a soft breeze washed over everyone and they all turned around to find its source.
      • He picked up the cell phone and turned it around, pushing a small gray button at the back which opened up a slot for the tape.
      • Then I discovered I could keep my left leg elevated, whilst pushing the sewing machine pedal with my right foot.

    • 1.3(force)

      to push prices up/down hacer que suban/bajen los precios
      • I tried to push the thought to the back of my mind traté de no pensar en ello

  • 2

    (put pressure on)
    you're pushing him/yourself too hard le/te exiges demasiado
    • to push sb to + inf/into sth
    • they're pushing me to pay up me están presionando para que pague
    • she was pushed into joining la presionaron para que se hiciera socia
    • why don't you leave? — don't push me! ¿por qué no te vas? — ¡mira, no me tientes!
    • you can only push people so far todos tenemos un límite
    • to be pushed for time/money andar corto de tiempo/de dinero
    • you'd be pushed to find a better one difícilmente encontrarás uno mejor
  • 3

    • 3.1(promote)

      she used the appearance to push her novel aprovechó la ocasión para promocionar su novela
      • her aunt was really pushing the idea su tía insistía en la idea
      • I know America keeps pushing Europe to accept Turkey.
      • He thinks Sindi pushed Stuart into accepting and that he only said yes because he doesn't really trust her.
      • He's pushed the Yell sale - which has been in limbo for years.
      • Froggatt has been using some of the cost savings to invest in a series of marketing campaigns, which appears to be pushing up profits and sales of some of S&N's core brands.
      • Nevertheless, he mentioned that promotion activities that usually push up the sales figures had been stopped because of the strike.
      • Strong memory sales helped push AMD to a solid second quarter, the company reported today.
      • Public sympathy pushed the Sorbonne to promote her to her dead husband's professorship.
      • Global sales have pushed Hyundai to seventh place, ahead of both Honda and Nissan.
      • One upcoming promotion will push the redesigned CNN Headline News to the local ad sales community.
      • Dr Dorothy Faulkner, an expert in the social and intellectual development of children, says that publicity about bad forms of play could be pushing up traditional toy sales.

    • 3.2informal (sell)

      (drugs) pasar informal
      (drugs) transar Southern Cone slang
      (drugs) vender
      • Cllr Wright said he was not an informer, but where drugs were concerned, he would have no problem informing on those pushing, selling and taking drugs.
      • Since they can't keep him in the designer sneakers he wants, young Marcus starts pushing drugs himself.
      • Police today declared war on drug dealers from London pushing cocaine, heroin and crack to children as young as 13.
      • Users should not be jailed, unless they were pushing others into the habit.
      • They lie, rob, cheat, push hard drugs, intimidate innocent people and run protection rackets.
      • Their example has fostered the establishment of another woman to pushing drugs in another area and to prosper.
      • While he adapts himself to life in the slums, he also finds out there is money to be made in black-marketing false passports, pushing drugs and doing countless other small jobs.
      • We want to know who, what, where, when and if possible, how they know someone is pushing drugs.
      • Side-effects and unforeseen deaths are part of the deal when you're pushing drugs.
      • Police sources said he had been arrested for pushing drugs.
      • Of these junk messages, half are pushing drugs, a fifth promote porn and another fifth promote cheap software.
      • As a result she ended up in the law courts for pushing drugs via her ever-popular soups and casseroles.
      • One kind of crime the former drugs squad officer is determined to come down on heavily, he warned, is the pushing of illegal drugs.
      • Ah, the shadowy evil dealer, pushing drugs outside the school gate.
      • But Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe said legalising cannabis would lead drug barons to push even more hard drugs.
      • Once cannabis is legalised, the dealers will be taken out of the equation and the risk of them pushing harder drugs and the availability of harder drugs to the cannabis smoker is eliminated.

  • 4informal

    to be pushing forty rondar los cuarenta
    • I was surprised to find out, however, that the boys are actually a bit older than myself (I'm pushing fifty).
    • I'm pushing forty, though forty seems to be doing most of the pushing.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(give a push)


    • 1.2(move through crowd)

      don't push at the back there! ¡los de atrás que no empujen!
      • Forward ranks pushed back, darting past the elite guards at their backs as they fled for their own lines.
      • At once, the torch end erupted into flame, and he began to move forward, pushing roughly through the crowd.
      • Then Sally was racing forward, pushing past the others, and diving head-first into the murky water.
      • Her male colleague approached and took hold of the defendant's arm but was hit in the arm and the other officer was pushed away, she said.
      • Mark jumped aside as Grace pushed past him and made a watch out kind of whistle.
      • ‘Oh Sam, stop being such a drama queen,’ Bryant rolled his eyes and moved to push past her to step into the house.
      • To chat to him your options are to push aside young, excited children, or rush to an enclosed area such as the corridor of staff toilets.
      • I even had to push aside a few nurses and their flag-waving kiddies because the protest moved too slowly and the market was nearly closing.
      • With more and more force, he pushed aside anyone that stood in his way, with his hands and soon with his blade.
      • The security forces were aggressive, pushing forward until an elderly demonstrator suffered a heart attack.
      • He motioned for me to stay, then walked forward, pushed past his father and stepped into the study.
      • After pushing past him they passed through the curtains and suddenly were in a big, warmly lit room.
      • Mihra moved, pushing past him, making for the entrance in the rock through which her guide had disappeared.
      • The soldier in the front, the one who I had cut, growled in rage as I passed and tried to push past Raman.
      • shouted the boy suddenly, pushing the two ladies out of the way.
      • Teran made a move to push past Hayato, but found him unmoving.

    • 1.3(in childbirth)


  • 2

    (apply pressure)
    to push for sth
    • we're pushing hard for an early decision estamos presionando al máximo para que se decida pronto