Translation of pusher in Spanish:


camello, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʊʃə//ˈpʊʃər/



  • 1

    camello feminine informal
    jíbaro masculine Venezuela Colombia slang
    conecte masculine Mexico slang
    • Next time I might tell you about my favourite beach pusher.
    • His vigilant eyes came to life as he spotted his preys: it was a group of drug pushers and thieves.
    • We have targeted buildings used by drug pushers and people who carry illegal firearms.
    • They act like pushers selling cheap drugs to a gullible public with the financial sector as the intermediary.
    • Now, parents, if you haven't already, please take the time to talk to your kids about huffing before some pusher does.
    • The psychotic pill pusher reportedly refused to leave, sending both doctor and patient fleeing for their lives.
    • People with small amounts are just told to go on their way by police, people with large amounts are jailed as drug pushers.
    • The young people want to see the problems of drug pushers and vandalism tackled.
    • It does not, however, fit easily with the image of the drug pusher using free drugs as a way to entice new (nondrug using) clientele.
    • For example, it should be the same as drug pushers, to an extent.
    • Life would be better without drug takers and drug pushers.
    • There's no point in arresting that pusher who hangs out in the schoolyard.
    • In fact, he is just another punk amateur pusher, with his eye on the next buck, which will lead him on to the first million.
    • They complained the drug pusher was selling methamphetamine drugs with no apparent fear of the law.
    • He claimed Gardaí are failing to tackle drug pushers and are ignoring dealers operating just metres away.
    • The message sent here is there is one rule for gun runners and drug pushers, and another set for Panday and his supporters, and that is wrong.
    • I am saying that if people had somewhere they could legally buy cannabis, the drug pushers would have lost a huge part of their market.
    • The need for confidentiality cannot and should not prevent identification and prosecution of drug dealers and pushers.
    • He warned it would lead to an open season for drug pushers in the District.
    • Some pusher they picked up said Jack was a buyer for Russ.