Translation of pushrod in Spanish:


empujador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʊʃˌrɑd//ˈpʊʃrɒd/


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    empujador masculine
    • By comparison, the Cadillac's 16 overhead valves and pushrods sound trite at best.
    • Lifter lubrication is delivered down the pushrods from the galleries that oil the rocker arms.
    • Also, use the flashlight to examine the elevator pushrod bolts.
    • Nascar uses pushrod engines and at the moment we don't make one.
    • Rectangular tube is used for the chassis, with the fabricated pushrod suspension being made from round section.
    • The only downside is that it uses long pushrods.
    • A single big cam is used to pushrod operate two valves per cylinder at the top end, inside aluminium cylinder heads.
    • For example, the GM V8 in the GTS is still a pushrod engine.
    • By placing a cam phasing system on the camshaft, a pushrod engine can be tuned to take much higher levels of exhaust gas recirculation.
    • Rust inhibitors protect iron/steel parts, such as lifters and pushrods, from oxygen attack.
    • The base-model GXi came with an ageing Endura 1.3 pushrod engine producing just 60 bhp.
    • Because the pushrod doesn't actuate the valve, no combustion takes place.
    • A new cylinder head design employs the transfer arm and pushrod to locate the exhaust valve across the head from the dual intake valves.
    • The Breva is powered by an air-cooled, fuel injected, 90 degree, V twin pushrod engine pumping out 35.5kW.
    • Stacked one above the other, the camshafts operate three valves per cylinder (two intakes) via short pushrods.
    • The F400 uses a pushrod design and all the wishbones are aerodynamically shaped.
    • No pushrod, rocker arm, or lifter is infinitely stiff; they all bend and deflect to various degrees.
    • Tanzi stated, ‘The pushrod is the last thing you put in an engine that determines proper valvetrain geometry.’
    • If you've written off pistons and pushrods as obsolete 20 th-century artifacts, you're ahead of the game.
    • ‘The new engine we put in the car on Saturday night uses a different lifter, and we didn't have the right size pushrods,’ said Haddock.