Translation of pushy in Spanish:


prepotente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpʊʃi//ˈpʊʃi/

adjectivepushiest, pushier


  • 1

    don't be so pushy no seas prepotente
    • a pushy salesman un vendedor agresivo
    • a pushy careerist un trepador
    • Once home educators were dismissed as either hippies or pushy middle class parents living vicariously through their offspring.
    • There they stand, head and shoulders above all others, some aggressive and pushy, others large and showy.
    • You want to advertise as much as possible for yourself without being too pushy or offensive.
    • But pushy Michael somehow convinces them to turn off the sound and starts banging on an old upright piano.
    • I am not a pushy tourist, or even American, for that matter, but I thought the man had some nerve.
    • There are arrogant, pushy experts in every area of ‘popular culture’ these days.
    • She really wanted to know what happened but she didn't want to seem so obnoxious and pushy about it.
    • BT has introduced new privacy measures to protect punters from annoying phone calls from pushy salespeople.
    • Maybe it's time we dropped the charade and accepted that we're as brash and pushy as any New York cabbie ever was.
    • About his future, he is rather pushy and choosy at the same time.
    • Customer service at this shack included a classy belch and the most obnoxious and pushy service of the night.
    • Adding that third oxygen atom makes ozone a very pushy and highly obnoxious little molecule.
    • She's pushy, arrogant, obnoxious, unbelievably abrasive, and not nearly as cute as she thinks she is.
    • For many of us, these words describe someone who is ambitious-and maybe even pushy.
    • How could it not when Cuff is a pushy, overbearing writer for The Globe and Mail?
    • His letter was just so nice and so simple, not pushy or anything.
    • No doubt she managed to do it without seeming pushy or offensive.
    • I found him to be arrogant, pushy and frankly from the picture he sent me unattractive.
    • She is ambitious but too pushy even for parliamentary circles.
    • I crave that definitive strategy created by pushy parents, by ambitious teachers.