Translation of pusillanimous in Spanish:


pusilánime, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌpjusəˈlænəməs//ˌpjuːsɪˈlanɪməs/



  • 1

    • He will not want to be remembered for tuition fees, nor for the pusillanimous creation of foundation hospitals.
    • Whose fault is it - the inadequate voters or the pusillanimous politicians?
    • And yes, incidentally, I do know that it's ignoble and cowardly and pusillanimous, but I'll swap you for a decent night's sleep.
    • They are supposed to abhor pusillanimous or sycophantic behavior.
    • The other Congress chief minister cannot be described as pusillanimous by any stretch of imagination.
    • Eventually, by its own lights, the movie stands or falls by what it has to say about race, and this is pusillanimous and muddled.
    • Of course, these allegations do need to be investigated, but I can't help but suspect that the timing is at best pusillanimous.
    • For the British, however, it has all turned to dust, surrendered by the pusillanimous politicians.
    • He was just too pusillanimous to face me after I'd discovered that he had deceived me.
    • On his mission to Fort George he evidently perceived that there was to be no relief column from the pusillanimous Webb.
    • Perhaps by reviewing a few highlights from my former life I might be able to explain how I adopted this pusillanimous attitude.
    • Pray do not continue such pusillanimous writings.
    • Forever is a pusillanimous way of saying ‘as long as I live.’
    • The health motivation was pusillanimous and puritanical.
    • From the other end of the political spectrum come the pusillanimous speech codes on our college campuses.
    • Neither of these pusillanimous reactions is remotely appropriate.
    • Once again, those pusillanimous, patronising, mealy-mouthed lectionary compilers have excelled themselves.
    • You can thank a crowd of pusillanimous state legislators for that.
    • But I suppose we can rely on you to be as pusillanimous as ever.
    • With a pusillanimous flourish, I moved in - but simultaneously I made secret arrangements to maintain the lease on my own flat.