Translation of put in Spanish:


poner, v.

Pronunciation /pʊt//pʊt/

transitive verbputting

  • 1

    • 1.1(to place)

      (with care, precision etc) colocar
      (with care, precision etc) poner
      (inside sth) meter
      (inside sth) poner
      put the picture higher up coloca / pon el cuadro más arriba
      • she put the ornaments on the shelf colocó / puso los adornos sobre el estante
      • to put sth in the oven poner / meter algo en el horno
      • where shall I put the suitcase? ¿dónde pongo la maleta?
      • where did I put that letter? ¿dónde habré puesto esa carta?
      • she put the documents in the safe puso / guardó los documentos en la caja fuerte
      • we put an ad in the paper pusimos un anuncio en el periódico
      • did you put salt in it? ¿le pusiste / le echaste sal?
      • she puts sugar in her coffee toma el café con azúcar
      • he put his hand on my shoulder me puso la mano en el hombro
      • put the lid on the box ponle la tapa a la caja
      • I put a coat of paint on the door le di una mano de pintura a la puerta
      • he put it in his mouth se lo puso en la boca
      • I put myself on the list me apunté / me puse en la lista
      • she put the bottle to her lips se llevó la botella a los labios
      • I've put you in the spare room te he puesto en el cuarto de huéspedes
      • I put her on the train la acompañé hasta el tren
      • A man crept up behind the girl, putting his hand across her face and dragging her into the undergrowth.
      • Julie reached across the table and put her hand over Caroline's.
      • Laughing, she sips her wine, then puts the glass back on the table.
      • He moved closer, putting his one strong hand on her face.
      • Scott put the note down and walked into the bathroom.
      • He put his arms under Morgan's and lifted her up off her chair.
      • The library includes new technology which means children can borrow a book by putting their thumb on to a machine which recognises their individual thumbprints.
      • My mom shifts her weight from one foot to the other, crossing her arms and putting one hand at her chin, staring intently at the creature.
      • It's hard to put figures on the export worth of Scotland's haggis.
      • She said she picked up a programme and put a £5 note in the tin and took a couple of pounds out in change.
      • The waitress put two mugs of hot water on the table along with a bowl of tea bags.
      • The agency declined to put a precise figure on the savings.
      • He moved to put himself between her and the gunman.
      • The Primary Care Trust was unable to put an exact figure on the number of NHS dentists in the borough.
      • However he refused to put an exact figure on losses for individual years between 1999-2001.
      • Nobody can even put an exact figure on the number of children who have been excluded, which is a disgrace in itself.
      • Their eyes remain locked and he puts his hand against the glass.
      • It is difficult to put a dollar figure on the damage the rain-swollen tide from did to the property.
      • But it's impossible to put a figure on something like that.
      • While it is difficult to put an exact figure on the total of undocumented Irish in the United States it's been estimated that there are tens of thousands.
      • I have no reference points to start figuring out how to put a dollar value on something like that.
      • He declined to put a figure on the number of shops that could close or retailers that could go out of business.
      • Council leaders have refused to put a figure on the actual cost of the case - estimated at more than £1 million.
      • It would be far too early to start putting a figure on how many people would lose their jobs if that were to happen.
      • Even if we cannot yet fully count the value of the environment as such, we can put a figure on the cost of environmental destruction.
      • He didn't even put his arm behind him to stop his fall.
      • The continued lack of confidence in the Irish company make it difficult to put a value on the company.
      • A North Yorkshire County Council spokesman said school budgets were very tight, but it was not yet possible to put a figure on the average shortfall.
      • Why are you so shy of just putting a rough figure on it?
      • Don't put your fingers too close to the screen.
      • He enters his house and puts some books down on a desk before turning on the light.
      • She put the note he wrote to her back on the desk and went down the stairs crying.
      • She broke into tears, and then her husband crossed the room to put his arm around her.
      • Surely no figure can be put on the value of the experience and commitment of the Peterhead officers.
      • Today one of North Yorkshire's leading entrepreneurs put a figure on what this chaos has cost him: £150,000.
      • Writing the letter and putting it under Angel's door, Tess felt much more at ease, knowing that he would know all there is of her past.
      • He said it was impossible to put figures on the number of young people addicted to drugs who were involved in crime.
      • She told the hearing: ‘I was still trying to get her breathing by putting her over my knee and pummelling her back.’
      • I sat up, crossing my legs, putting my fist under my chin in thought.
      • Insurers had yet to put a figure on the damage, but it was likely that replacing the gutted building would cost another £5m.

    • 1.2(to install, to fit)

      we put a shower in the bathroom pusimos una ducha en el baño

    • 1.3

      to put sth in sb/sth
      • I put my trust in you deposité mi confianza en ti
      • I don't put much faith in conventional medicine no le tengo mucha fe a la medicina convencional

  • 2

    • 2.1(with parts of the body)

      he put his arms around her la abrazó
      • she put her head around the door/out of the window asomó la cabeza por la puerta/por la ventana
      • he put his hand in(to) his pocket se metió / se puso la mano en el bolsillo
      • she put her head through the bars sacó la cabeza por entre las rejas
      • he put his hand up the pipe metió la mano en el tubo

    • 2.2(to send, to propel)

      he put the ball into the net lanzó la pelota a la red
      • one false move and I'll put a bullet in you! ¡un movimiento en falso y te meto una bala!
      • they put a bullet through his head le atravesaron la cabeza de un balazo
      • she put a brick through the window rompió la ventana con un ladrillo

    • 2.3

      to put the shot lanzar el peso

  • 3

    (to cause to be, cause to become)
    the doctor put me on a diet el doctor me puso a régimen
    • he was put on guard duty lo pusieron de guardia
    • this puts them at a disadvantage/in a difficult situation esto los pone en desventaja/en una situación difícil
    • it's not easy to put it into English no es fácil traducirlo al inglés
    • she put her hair in a ponytail se hizo una cola de caballo
    • he puts his time to good use hace buen uso de su tiempo
    • The road is narrow enough without loads of cars blocking it even more and putting us all at risk of accidents.
    • But competition remains fierce, putting pressure on workers who are the worst paid in food processing.
    • Perhaps entertaining the possibility of winning the series put too much pressure on many of the players.
    • But she warned rocketing development could put at risk all that has been achieved.
    • Unfortunately, Bradford's gritting operation cannot be put into effect immediately.
    • This increased weight puts a strain on their backs and pressure on their disks.
    • Controversial plans to develop the former Turner's site have been put on hold.
    • But, crucially, it follows a similar logic of putting the responsibility on to parents to break cycles of deprivation through the sheer force of their parenting skills.
    • He said: ‘We really want to put the fear back on to the criminal.’
    • I will never reprimand my horse or put pressure on him if he tries.
    • First of all, I couldn't believe that he was putting himself at such risk.
    • A Louisiana resident had his camera rolling as floodwaters poured into his home, putting him and his father in immediate danger.
    • It puts the pressure on to the employers and government to come up with an offer that can start real negotiations.
    • The inquiry has been put on hold unless new evidence comes to light.
    • This deal puts the focus back on to the team's future potential.
    • He argues that other cities have already put the responsibility on the operators of horse drawn carriages to deal with the aftermath of their trade.
    • Any thoughts of a shock result were quickly put to rest in the early minutes of the second half.
    • Anyone who goes into the test without having a solid understanding of ‘how it works’ is putting themselves at a disadvantage.
    • David stood up straight, groaning for a moment at the strain put on his calf muscles.
    • Some reporters were under the impression he died yesterday, but that story was quickly put to rest.
    • Partly, this might be addressed by putting far more emphasis on education.
    • They prefer to put the blame on to the parents.
    • This way you're putting the load on to the contractor.
    • In effect, this means the roadworks programme has been put on hold until after the April meeting.
    • A job seeker that doesn't take advantage of this opportunity is putting themselves at a big disadvantage.
    • Celebrations are being put on hold until after his last exam on June 28.
    • Do not focus on weight or put pressure on your child to be the best person on the team.
    • It would have been hard to find a man more suited to putting everyone at ease.
    • His company's programme will be put on hold unless new financial backing is found.
    • As staff leave these smaller units even greater pressure is put on those who remain.
    • Under the Roman empire the system of collecting the revenue put extreme pressure on the poor.
    • It is a delicate issue and one stupid comment from me could put everything in jeopardy.
    • Spending 40 minutes hanging around at icy bus stops will thicken your blood, putting you at risk of coronary thrombosis, stroke, bronchitis and pneumonia.
    • He was putting himself and other road users in grave danger.
    • The hurricane put seven platforms out of action as well as damaging mobile rigs and springing leaks in oil and gas pipelines.
    • We want the Minister to take a call to put our minds at ease that this amount has not been paid out.
    • It is understood that pressure is being put on education bosses to backtrack.
  • 4

    (to cause to do, to obligate)
    to put sb to sth
    • I don't want to put you to any trouble no quiero causarle ninguna molestia
    • he put us to a great deal of expense nos causó / nos ocasionó muchos gastos
    • I put her/them to work la/los puse a trabajar
  • 5

    • 5.1(to instil)

      to put sth in(to) sth
      • who put that idea into your head? ¿quién te metió esa idea en la cabeza?
      • it was that remark that put the suspicion in her mind fue ese comentario el que la hizo sospechar
      • technically she's very good, but she doesn't put enough feeling into it técnicamente es muy buena, pero le falta sensibilidad / sentimiento

    • 5.2(to cause to have)

      to put sth on sth
      • to put a shine on sth sacarle / darle brillo a algo
      • to put sth in(to) sth
      • the fresh air put some color into his cheeks el aire fresco les dio un poco de color a sus mejillas
      • she put a wave in my hair me hizo una onda en el pelo
      • you've put a hole in it le has hecho un agujero
      • I put a dent in the bumper abollé el parachoques

  • 6

    • 6.1(to rank)

      she puts herself first se pone ella primero / en primer lugar
      • to put sth above/before sth
      • I put honesty above all other virtues para mí la honestidad está por encima de todas las demás virtudes
      • he puts his art before everything else para él su arte está antes que nada / es lo primero

    • 6.2(in competitions, elections)

      this victory puts them into the lead con esta victoria pasan a ocupar la delantera
      • the final count put the Republicans second luego del escrutinio final los Republicanos quedaron en segundo lugar

    • 6.3(to estimate)

      he puts the cost somewhat higher calcula que el costo sería algo mayor
      • to put sth at sth
      • the organizers put the number of demonstrators at 200,000 según los organizadores, el número de manifestantes fue de 200.000
      • I'd put the figure at closer to $40,000 yo diría que la cifra es más cercana a los 40.000 dólares

  • 7

    (to express)
    as Jane puts it como dice Jane
    • her designs are, how shall I put it, unusual sus diseños son, cómo te diría, diferentes
    • I don't know how to put this no sé cómo decirlo
    • let me put it another way digámoslo de otro modo
    • (let me) put it this way: I wouldn't invite him again te digo lo siguiente: no lo volvería a invitar
    • to put sth well/badly expresar algo bien/mal
    • it's very succinctly put está expresado de manera muy sucinta
    • Another distinguished citizen, who prefers not to be named, puts it another way.
    • As ever, the finely nuanced statement did not put matters quite so bluntly.
    • My room was like a pigsty, to put it frankly.
    • As Cross puts it, modern humans can transfer insights from one domain to another, often to a domain that is metaphoric or symbolic.
    • As some perceptive reviewer put it, Barry writes like an angel, but an angel on the side of the fallen.
  • 8

    • 8.1(to invest)

      to put sth into sth invertir algo en algo
      • we've put $15 million into this project hemos invertido 15 millones de dólares en este proyecto
      • I've put a lot of time into it le he dedicado mucho tiempo
      • he puts great effort into his work se esfuerza mucho en su trabajo
      • she had put a lot of thought into it lo había pensado mucho
      • you won't get much out of life unless you put a lot into it no vas a sacar mucho de la vida si no te lo propones

    • 8.2(to bet, to stake)

      to put sth on sth apostar / jugarse algo a algo
      • he put his whole salary on a horse apostó / se jugó todo el sueldo a un caballo

    • 8.3(to contribute)

      to put sth toward sth contribuir con/ poner algo para algo
      • she put $50 toward the drinks contribuyó con / puso 50 dólares para las bebidas

  • 9

    • 9.1(to assign, to attribute)

      to put sth on sth
      • I couldn't put a price on it no sabría decir cuánto vale
      • I put a high value on our friendship valoro mucho nuestra amistad
      • it's difficult to put a date on it es difícil establecer de qué fecha data

    • 9.2(to impose)

      to put sth on sth/sb
      • the decision to put a special duty on these goods la decisión de gravar estos artículos con un impuesto especial
      • don't put the blame on me! ¡no me eches la culpa a mí!
      • that put a great strain on their relationship eso sometió su relación a una gran tensión
      • they put pressure on him to accept the terms lo presionaron para que aceptara las condiciones

    • 9.3British (to add)

      to put sth on sth/sb
      • this will put 20p on a bottle of wine con esto una botella de vino va a costar 20 peniques más
      • the experience put ten years on her la experiencia la hizo envejecer diez años / le echó diez años encima

  • 10

    (to write, to indicate, to mark)
    what shall I put? ¿qué pongo?
    • put a comma here pon una coma aquí
    • did you put your address on the back of the envelope? ¿puso su dirección en el reverso del sobre?
    • she put a line through the word tachó la palabra
    • We always use an assumed name when putting our names on waiting lists at restaurants.
    • They have themselves to blame for putting their signatures to a document that was so evidently not ready for implementation.
    • Everyone that wanted a seat put their name on a slip that went into a coffee can.
    • The council is appealing to key workers and existing housing association tenants to put their names down on the shared ownership register.
    • Reasons for the high figures include misunderstanding of the forms and voters being unhappy about putting their signatures on to a secret ballot paper.
    • I really hope you two don't mind me putting your pen names on this.
    • Is your complaint that the number that has been put on the respondent's document is the wrong number?
    • It may also be pointed out that it was quite possible to register employees who were not really employed, by putting all sorts of names on a staff list for the sake of meeting the requirement.
    • When Christianity came into the picture, the church tried to change the practice by putting saints' names in the box instead.
    • It does not matter which candidate's name you elect to put your cross against so long as you make your choice.
    • Company directors have expressed concerns over being held responsible for putting their names to a statement that they believed to be true at the time of signing but which later turned out to be incorrect.
    • The organisers had named four for every position and then over to you to put X over the name of your choice.
  • 11

    (to present)
    (views/case) exponer
    (case/views) presentar
    (proposal) presentar
    to put sth before sb/sth
    • the plan will have to be put before the committee habrá que presentar el plan ante la comisión
    • I decided to put my complaint before the director decidí presentar mi queja al director
    • to put sth to sb
    • to put a question to sb hacerle una pregunta a algn
    • the employers' offer will be put to a mass meeting la oferta de la patronal será sometida a votación en una asamblea
    • I put it to him straight se lo dije sin rodeos

intransitive verbputting


  • 1

    to put to sea zarpar
    • we were forced to put back to port nos vimos forzados a volver al puerto