There are 2 main translations of put out in Spanish

: put out1put out2

put out1

sacar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(put outside)

      (washing) sacar
      have you put the cat out? ¿has sacado al gato?

    • 1.2(set out)


    • 1.3(extend)

      (arm/tongue) sacar
      she put out her hand tendió / alargó la mano

    • 1.4(dislocate)

      zafarse Mexico Chile
      I put my shoulder out me disloqué un hombro

    • 1.5(extinguish)

      (cigarette/fire/light) apagar

    • 1.6informal (render unconscious)

      dejar sin sentido
      (before operation) dormir
      (before operation) anestesiar
      that right hook put him out for the count ese gancho de derecha lo dejó fuera de combate

    • 1.7(distort)

      the new prices have put all our estimates out los nuevos precios significan que nuestros cálculos son ahora erróneos
      • this has put out all my plans esto me ha desbaratado todos los planes

    • 1.8(in baseball)

      (runner/hitter) sacar
      (hitter/runner) poner 'out'

    • 1.9(offend, upset)

      she was most put out se molestó / se ofendió mucho

    • 1.10(inconvenience)

      don't put yourself out! ¡no te molestes!
      • she's always putting herself out for other people siempre se está molestando por los demás

    • 1.11(issue, publish)

      (photograph/statement) publicar
      we'll be putting out a special issue vamos a sacar / publicar un número especial
      • they have put out a description of the suspect han dado a conocer una descripción del sospechoso

    • 1.12(broadcast)


    • 1.13(pass on)

      they put the work out to contract subcontrataron el trabajo
      • the contract is being put out to tender van a llamar a concurso / a licitación para la

    • 1.14(lend)

      (money) prestar

    • 1.15(generate)

      (power) producir
      (power) generar

    • 1.16(sprout)

      (buds/shoots) echar

  • 2

    (troublemaker) echar
    the guard put him out of the building el guardia lo sacó / lo echó del local
    • you can put that idea out of your head puedes sacarte esa idea de la cabeza
  • 3

    • 3.1Nautical

      to put out to sea hacerse a la mar

    • 3.2US slang (consent to have sex)

      aflojar informal

There are 2 main translations of put out in Spanish

: put out1put out2

put out2


  • 1

    to be put out ofenderse
    • don't be put out no te ofendas