Translation of putrescent in Spanish:


putrefacto, adj.

Pronunciation /pjuːˈtrɛs(ə)nt//ˌpjuˈtrɛs(ə)nt/


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    • Within these putrescent pools, black pycniospores fuse to form hyphae growing toward the opposite leaf surface.
    • Thus it is that one often comes across a line of startling beauty and brilliance in an otherwise putrescent poem or page of prose.
    • If you want to sample this putrescent variety of Shakespeare, go for ‘Measure,’ which is clearer, better written, and more ferocious.
    • For idleness does, in all cases, inevitably rot, and become putrescent; - and I say deliberately, the very Devil is in it.
    • And I will gladly tell you about that putrescent scum.
    • Dismantle, annihilate and devastate the whole swelling, putrescent edifice of surfing once and for all.
    • On the left in the bedding are the putrescent remains of a rope ladder.