Translation of putsch in Spanish:


golpe de estado, n.

Pronunciation /pʊtʃ//pʊtʃ/


  • 1

    golpe de estado masculine
    putsch masculine
    • In fairness to those behind the alleged attempt at a Conservative putsch, they're not the first to try it hereabouts.
    • To this day the PP claims it was itself the victim of a left-wing putsch and refuses to accept the result of the election.
    • The putsch was rounded off by the Turkish constitutional court which sanctioned the action of the military and banned Refah.
    • Following the military putsch in 1980 the system took on a further dimension.
    • Whether this would be achieved by popular uprising or a putsch by a few well placed individuals with Western backing has yet to be seen.
    • The attempted putsch of August 1991 was not far off.
    • A country whose holidays and putsches all take place in beer halls can't be all bad.
    • Taya himself usurped power by force in a 1984 putsch.
    • The Turkish military has carried out a total of four putsches against the government over the last 40 years.
    • Immediately rumours began to circulate that the blackout was part of a putsch against Estrada.
    • Only three years earlier in 1971, the Turkish army had carried out a putsch, and for two years left-wingers suffered arrest, torture and murder.
    • Hitler did not come to power through a putsch, but through the ballot-box.
    • Many of them participated actively in the failed putsch of August 1991.
    • It was also another putsch, another military putsch, very violent.
    • Not a few thought that the Herut might mount a putsch.
    • August 19, 1991, was the date of the anti-democratic putsch in Moscow.
    • The result has been ideological confusion, civilian helplessness, and an environment eminently hospitable to putsches.
    • In Caracas, the elected president is a Castroite who earlier attempted a beer-hall putsch and is busily immiserating his middle class.
    • De Gaulle became president of France in 1958, following a putsch by French settlers and the military in Algeria.
    • I was in Moscow shortly before the putsch in 1993 and I noticed a threatening climate.