Translation of putty in Spanish:


masilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌti//ˈpədi/

nounPlural putties

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    masilla feminine
    before noun putty knife (para masilla) espátula feminine
    • This seals the wood surface under the putty and prevents the metal frame from rusting.
    • Using care, scrape the paper off with a putty knife or wallpaper scraper.
    • A single large sheet of glass was held in place by grooves sawed into the flame; no putty was needed.
    • You need a more traditional window than that, with timber frames, panes set in putty, and several paint jobs to soften the edges.
    • When dry, fill the nail holes with a non-oily wood filler for natural finishes, or putty if the wood is to be painted.
    • He attempted a dozen jobs with screws, hanging-brackets, wood putty and latches.
    • You can fill in nail holes with wood putty before sanding if you are not planning to stain the wood.
    • For deeper damaged areas, apply wood filler with a putty knife and sand level when it dries hard.
    • Linseed oil putty is used because when it hardens, it contributes to the structure of the window.
    • Spackle is a soft, white, premixed material that's about the consistency of soft putty.
    • Once you have removed the forward walkway fill the step mounting holes and seams left by the walkway with putty and sand smooth.
    • Also, fill all dents and gouges with wood putty or patching compound.
    • These were reinforced with wood putty so they would not to crumple if he decided to take a jog.
    • If the problem is just a few small dings and gouges, these can be quickly prepared with some wood putty.
    • The taste is of stale water with a texture somewhere between used chewing gum and window putty.
    • If you plan to paint, fill the holes with wood putty and sand smooth.
    • After the molding is put up, use wood putty to fill visible nail holes and small gaps for a seamless look.
    • Remove the strike plate and fill the screw holes with wood putty or a glued matchstick.
    • The panels were then releaded, waterproofed with linseed oil putty, and shipped back to the chapel for reinstallation.

transitive verbputtying, putties, puttied

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