Translation of puzzle in Spanish:


rompecabezas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpəzəl//ˈpʌz(ə)l/


  • 1

    (game) rompecabezas masculine
    (toy) rompecabezas masculine
    (toy) puzzle masculine
    (riddle) adivinanza feminine
    crossword puzzle crucigrama masculine
    • before noun puzzle book revista de palabras cruzadas
    • The pieces of his memory fell together like a puzzle, as he mentally went through what had happened to him.
    • I guessed as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.
    • The puzzle designs are very inspired and fit perfectly into the game.
    • As he finished speaking, several pieces of the puzzle fell together.
    • If it does, it might be one of the pieces of the jigsaw to these puzzles.
    • She says the process has been like putting together a jig saw puzzle.
    • Well, I guess it's the way you put the puzzles pieces in the right places.
    • The game was supposedly invented by a French count who was incarcerated in prison and is really a puzzle more than a game.
    • A good puzzle game tests logic, reflexes and wit in the act of problem solving.
    • There are better puzzle games out there, that offer more absorbing and addictive bouts of rapid, simple fun.
    • Is Sunda to Sahul a board game that looks like a puzzle or a puzzle with some board game elements?
    • It was like the whole puzzle had fallen off the table.
    • Another small piece of the puzzle fell into place for me.
    • On one side, the children tried their expertise in various games that ranged from puzzles to hitting the ‘bull's eye.’
    • Logic puzzles and strategy games represent another category of possible interest to the mathematically inclined.
    • They will play games, solve puzzles, and ask questions like: Why can I remember baseball scores but forget where I put my keys?
    • It seems similar in the way the pieces of the puzzle fall together.
    • The biggest factor that can make or break an adventure game is its puzzles.
    • They couldn't police a child's jig saw puzzle; probably because they haven't the wish to do so.
    • It was Luke's face assaulting me with that tender ease, every touch and laugh like a puzzle piece falling into place.
    • It's not as though anything is actually is happening, yet pieces of the puzzle fall out of the box all the time.
    • Basically, it would be the equivalent of solving a puzzle in a video game.
    • Like a video game or a puzzle, it is a chance to think, learn and show off.
    • And of course, a truckload of educational toys, books, puzzles, games and music.
    • In fact, you'll be required to switch between the two to solve many of the game's puzzles.
    • Ted uses lots of catchy songs, puzzles and word games to help the children have fun and learn while watching.
    • Many of the game's platform puzzles require you to double-jump across vast chasms.
    • I have mixed the pieces for all three puzzles together.
    • Much of the game's puzzle solving requires an equal amount of careful exploration and item manipulation.
    • Also, several on-the-spot events like computer games and puzzles were conducted.
    • Any puzzle, or solitaire game, can be turned into a multi-player game by making a contest out of solving it.
    • The meat and potatoes of adventure games are puzzles and dialogue between characters.
    • The jig-saw puzzle of nation states in Africa, which defies geopolitical and economic logic, is simply the legacy of Europe's sharing out of Africa.
    • For example, the Saboteur mutator turns a solitaire puzzle into a three-player game.
    • We all blinked as that piece of the puzzle fell into place, and said a perfectly chorused, ‘Hello.’
    • It includes one of the games only jumping puzzles.
    • The closest I've got is Venice Connection which is as much a puzzle as a game.
    • The child may then have problems with steps, climbing or with puzzles like jigsaws.
    • There are some puzzles in the game, but nothing too brain taxing.
    • There are also photographs, giant fungi, jig-saw puzzles, and lots of twinkle lights.
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    misterio masculine
    enigma masculine
    • It has always been a puzzle to me that a man so brilliant and personally kind can occasionally err in such judgments.
    • If Moylan was correct, this goes some way toward explaining the puzzle of the timing of McGee's assassination.
    • James makes an interesting stab at trying to explain these puzzles.
    • While I cannot hope to resolve the puzzle, I can explain why I come to this conclusion.
    • When a puzzle is not explainable through sound, rational argument then perforce we need to look at the less rational domain.
    • We can make these puzzles so difficult that it would take a champion six hours to complete one.
    • Chechnya, a puzzle within this great unknown, is even less understood.
    • It looks as if pure puzzles really are what mystery readers like best.
    • Your intellect and intelligence may have others constantly asking for your help with things that take a lot of thought or are difficult puzzles.
    • Only the feel bad factor explains puzzles about the fuel protests.
    • These puzzles are not difficult or complicated, they are simple and straightforward.
    • I sat for a couple of years at the table of the Security Council and was exposed daily to real puzzles about exactly the question you ask.
    • Deciding which end is which has always been a puzzle, but now I know.
    • They remain enigmatic puzzles meant to be meditated on, in the same way that we consider a Magritte.
    • Even if that were true, however, it would not be a good reason to give up trying to understand the puzzle.
    • Well, there's something to this, but is there really a puzzle to explain?
    • The Two Reconstructions explains a puzzle that lies at the heart of America's development as a political democracy.
    • The way the managers make sense of this puzzle is best explained in the different economic models for company performance.
    • What is left is the puzzle and the enigma that we need to figure out.
    • There may yet be other solutions to this difficult puzzle.

transitive verb

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    there's one thing that still puzzles me hay algo que todavía no entiendo / que me tiene intrigado
    • her reply puzzled me su respuesta me extrañó / me desconcertó / me dejó perplejo
    • The doctor was puzzled, for the disease must have taken hold long ago.
    • Both of these eccentricities puzzle people and often offend them. -
    • In other rich people news, we're still puzzled beyond belief by the whole McCartney story.
    • We were puzzled by your remark that you had the standard and there is no other design, so we did a little detective work.
    • Mention also needs to be made about one related aspect of the current education system that puzzles me.
    • Local people are puzzled by the find and were disgusted that anyone would dump carcasses in such a way.
    • It just puzzles me why they didn't kill the Doctor when they had the chance.
    • I was puzzled that my doctor saw this as a cause for celebration but they are a breed apart.
    • I will take just a very quick call to sort out one or two things that are obviously puzzling people.
    • Doctors were puzzled because the fungus was thought to be found only in mosquitoes and other insects.
    • For weeks it was a mystery which had puzzled the people of Bamford - an eagle owl perched on an electricity pylon.
    • I can understand why you are puzzled, and certainly there is a somewhat surprising explanation for this.
    • The people who puzzle him are those who don't read it and still hate it.
    • It puzzles me that a person starting up a business can't even afford a sign-writer.
    • Her doctor is puzzled how she walked around with such a big gash without feeling a thing, and it is odd.
    • It puzzles me why so many people seem so unwilling to understand this.
    • And here you have the explanation of that great riddle which used to puzzle people - evil and pain.
    • This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had something to do with the supernatural.
    • I am very puzzled why people with no helmets are stopped by police and these extremely noisy bikes have a free range.
    • It puzzles me why this is beyond Kerry's understanding.

intransitive verb

to puzzle over

  • 1

    cavilar sobre
    darle vueltas a