Translation of puzzled in Spanish:


de desconcierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpəz(ə)ld//ˈpʌzld/


  • 1

    (tone/expression) de desconcierto
    (tone/expression) de perplejidad
    I'm puzzled estoy perplejo / desconcertado
    • you look puzzled tienes cara de no entender / de estar confundido / extrañado
    • the police were puzzled about the robbery el atraco tenía desconcertada a la policía
    • Looking surprised, a little boy peers at the elderly woman, who takes the puzzled gaze as a question.
    • The puzzled Marine tried to explain he had only X-funds allocated for silencers.
    • Well, it doesn't end with a rooftop concert played for a puzzled and scant audience of bystanders.
    • The question parallels the large question ringing in the ears of millions of puzzled Americans.
    • Stockdale's question was mistaken as the puzzled musings of a lost and confused man.