Translation of pylon in Spanish:


torre de alta tensión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpʌɪlən//ˈpʌɪlɒn//ˈpaɪˌlɑn/


  • 1

    (for electrical cables)
    torre de alta tensión feminine
    • A spokeswoman said: ‘The owl is perched on one of our high voltage electricity pylons.’
    • He is all too aware of the potential for property prices to fall when pylons are erected nearby.
    • Other Scottish sites are located near railway lines, dumps, electricity pylons and canals.
    • The decision means National Grid can now go on to Mrs Craven's land and begin constructing the pylons.
    • Concerns are also growing over the pylons needed to carry electricity from remote parts of the Highlands and the Borders.
    • They have blown up power pylons and blocked roads with booby-trapped vehicles.
    • Just before touchdown the pilot became aware of an electricity pylon coming into view from behind a tree.
    • Bandits and looters continue to bring down pylons carrying high voltage cables out in the desert road.
    • The streets are a tangle of stinted electricity pylons and cat's cradle power lines.
    • Eden was also battered by winds of up to 100 mph, bringing down trees and electricity pylons and cutting off homes during the weekend.
    • His favourite photograph was one of a towering electricity pylon and a large graffiti mural in Mitcham town centre.
    • The complex will comprise dozens of pylons, nine electricity substations and five quarries.
    • Similarly, experts and lay people have long expressed concern at the impact on people's health of living near electricity pylons.
    • Children living close to electricity pylons face a greater risk of contracting leukaemia, it was officially acknowledged yesterday.
    • There is no escaping the 80 ft tall high-voltage pylons in the Shortlees estate.
    • The storm, which also flattened several power pylons, left much of the Eastern Cape without electricity.
    • Use should also be made of existing buildings and other structures, such as electricity pylons, to site new antennas.
    • People will say that they were told 30 years ago that tobacco was safe and that electricity pylons were safe.
    • Nearby, some wires hang from the base of an electricity pylon, to which a box seems to be attached.
    • Exhausted helicopter crews scrambled to pluck desperate victims from trees, rooftops and electricity pylons.
  • 2

    (marking approach to bridge)
    pilón masculine
    • However, it also saw one of the last great racing biplanes take to the pylons - the Laird Super Solution.
    • The dust and dirt situation really cut down on visibility and I could only see from pylon to pylon.
    • Our crew chief said we had external damage on the starboard aft pylon that appeared to be related to some type of explosion.
    • Swing left here and follow the path under pylons with the wall on the left.
    • This went on for a couple of pylons and then Steve lost sight of Bill and wondered where he was.
    • Flickering to life, a small light shone from the pylon's centre as the Head Lorekeeper heard a familiar voice in her mind.
    • After climbing onto the stubwing and then the aft pylon, I went up to the aft rotor head to survey all that was mine.
    • The lights, consisting of eight pylons - each holding eight 1,000 watt, amps were powered by a portable generator.
    • He stops at a floodlight pylon and looks up at a broken hoarding.
    • Aerial bombs or radio beacons are suspended from external bomb racks on detachable pylons.
    • After a 0-0 draw, the most exciting action was a spectator climbing up a floodlight pylon!
    • At the next pylon the controls reversed but by yanking back the throttle he regained control.
    • The eight 23 metres pylons suspend an elaborate system which allows for light to be cast also on the practice pitch.
    • The room had already been lit by moveable light pylons, a leftover from when Wily had first set up operations there.
    • Officials said it struck a pothole on the runway, hit a pylon and then plunged into a house near the airport in the town of Busia.
    • However, on 3 December 1937, the aircraft crashed while rounding the first pylon, possibly due to a high-speed stall.