Translation of pyrotechnics in Spanish:


pirotecnia, n.

Pronunciation /pʌɪrə(ʊ)ˈtɛknɪks//ˌpaɪrəˈtɛknɪks/


  • 1

    pirotecnia feminine
    • They really got involved with the dances and pyrotechnics.
    • They have been in the pyrotechnics business ever since.
    • The council has used Salford-based pyrotechnics experts, Walk The Plank, to set up displays.
  • 2

    fuegos artificiales masculine
    verbal pyrotechnics artificio retórico masculine
    • ‘It's not what you'd want as a player,’ said Barry Ferguson, meaning the closed-doors match rather than the pyrotechnics.
    • The focus of the show is to present traditional culture by means of advanced pyrotechnics.
    • The inferno was sparked when pyrotechnics used during the band's opening song set fire to foam insulation behind the stage.
    • The pyrotechnics of these offenses would impress even a fireworks factory worker.
    • Salford is hoping its 30-minute pyrotechnics display will attract more than the 10,000 people who turned up last year.
    • ‘Good, good,’ he says, obviously pleased with the pyrotechnics.
    • They start early around here, amassing their motherload of pyrotechnics weeks in advance of the Fourth of July.
    • Mr Bettison has urged David Blunkett to allow sales of pyrotechnics only to people holding a special licence.
    • The patriotic pyrotechnics focused on loving China, its leaders and the legend of the dragon.
    • Far from the exciting world of warfare and fireworks, pyrotechnics remain important tools in many industries.
    • No impressive display of pyrotechnics, the inertial dampening system gave up the ghost with a whimper.
    • So this year Hyder hired Canadian experts to stage the pyrotechnics.
    • Madlib has too much reverence for Wonder to butcher his songs with unnecessary hip-hop pyrotechnics.
    • The gesture is an apt one, for the US president can expect pyrotechnics when he arrives on November 19.
    • I'd also like to introduce some more training aids and pyrotechnics to make it more exciting and induce the adrenalin.
    • The terrified girl senses trouble, but Dad can only stare in awe at the pyrotechnics: ‘It's fun, isn't it?’
    • It is crucial that bodhrán playing is always musical and never gets reduced to equilibristic techniques and pyrotechnics.
    • Maybe there could even be pyrotechnics involved so that when it broke there would be a shower of sparks.
    • The drama primarily derived from the picture's human elements rather than overblown pyrotechnics.
    • They followed up on the myriad strengths of ‘Mixed Bag,’ combining terrific original compositions and interpretive pyrotechnics.