Translation of quadrilateral in Spanish:


cuadrilátero, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkwɑdrəˈlædərəl//ˌkwɒdrɪˈlat(ə)r(ə)l//ˌkwɑdrəˈlætrəl/


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    cuadrilátero masculine
    • In front of the classroom, her teacher babbled on about how to prove a quadrilateral was a square.
    • This point is labelled A 3b, to emphasize that it is a degenerate quadrilateral.
    • In which Barbara gets a little taste of karmic justice, as the eternal triangle becomes a quadrilateral.
    • When four points are joined, they form a quadrilateral - a four-sided figure.
    • The square, another bench mark, has the smallest contour ratio of all quadrilaterals.
    • The scene here has a total of 800701 quadrilaterals, and looks like this.
    • The cross sectional outline is a quadrilateral having a foot surface, a dorsum and two ‘sides.’
    • As part of this project the golden quadrilateral was merged with the East-West and North-South corridors.
    • The terrain I generated had a total of over 570000 quadrilaterals.
    • These are known as the diagonals of the complete quadrilateral.
    • Consider the first nontrivial instance of the equal-area problem, the quadrilateral shown in Figure 1.
    • Klein had noticed that given five points, four of them always appeared to define a convex quadrilateral.
    • It's this quadrilateral KLMN we are going to be interested in.
    • Cut an 8x8 chessboard into two triangles and two quadrilaterals.
    • The students were also not aware of relationships among quadrilaterals, such as whether all squares are rectangles or vice versa.
    • The complete quadrilateral is nothing but a 4-line in Morley's terminology.
    • My guess is that these X's and quadrilateral shapes are caused by windows across the street reflecting the light of the low sun.
    • Bennin then showed that the quadrilateral formed by a triangle's equalizer is, indeed, always a Pythagorean quadrilateral.
    • In Treatise on the quadrilateral al-Tusi gave the first extant exposition of the whole system of plane and spherical trigonometry.
    • For a quadrilateral ABCD find P minimising AP + BP + CP + DP.