Translation of quango in Spanish:


organismo semi-autónomo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkwæŋɡoʊ//ˈkwaŋɡəʊ/

nounPlural quangos

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    organismo semi-autónomo masculine
    ente semi-autónomo masculine
    • He has now written to the Learning and Skills Council, the government quango responsible for over-16s education, to ask them to look at the anomaly.
    • However, government ministers, the devolved assemblies, local authorities, quangos and all public bodies will be subject to the Convention.
    • Local authorities, health boards and quangos will also be expected to merge their administrative wings, to reduce duplication.
    • Elected assemblies will draw their powers mainly from central government, its agencies and quangos not from local government.
    • Their frustrations and ire were directed at a dithering Government and bungling quangos, not those who promote the sport in this country.
    • Meanwhile, government bodies, quangos and initiatives are constantly being rebranded.
    • Appointments to non-departmental bodies like quangos are subject to the scrutiny of the Public Appointments Commission.
    • Let us judge whether people are fit to represent us, not these unelected, unaccountable standards quangos, committees and commissioners.
    • A radical devolution would challenge vested interests in Scotland - in the quangos, local government and business.
    • The word among property agents is that buildings are attracting just as much interest from government back offices and quangos as banks and fund managers.
    • Council sources admitted the chief executive is ‘regularly approached’ about top jobs by councils, quangos and other bodies across the country.
    • And health provision is controlled by Swindon's primary care trust an unelected quango with councillors confined to an advisory role.
    • Despite ministerial promises of rich pickings and public support from various quangos, it appears that only a few scraps will be handed out to Scottish firms.
    • The process has been taking place for some time with the growth of bureaucracy in national and local governments, plus quangos and large areas of administration like the European Union.
    • Her salary compared poorly, in most cases, with those of other senior administrators in Scotland's quangos and arts bodies.
    • Finally it also makes it far harder for quangos and lobbyists to influence government policy when any legislation can be easily derailed and brought to a popular vote.
    • Growing evidence shows that a government quango fixed the exam results to lower students' grades.
    • Councils, health boards and quangos all offer the promise of secure employment and - increasingly importantly - guaranteed pension deals.
    • He sits on many influential health forums, quangos and charities, and donated £5,000 to the Labour Party last year.
    • It was in quangos and organizations outside the direct control of the government that women activists were most successful in struggling for better economic and political opportunities.

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    • En el Reino Unido, el término corresponde a las siglas de "quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization". Son organismos independientes, financiados por el estado, que han sido creados para administrar una determinada área de la vida pública. Son ejemplos de quangos, el Arts Council y la Equal Employment Opportunities Commission - EEOC