Translation of quantity in Spanish:


cantidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɒntɪti//ˈkwɑn(t)ədi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(amount)

      cantidad feminine
      a large/small quantity of grain una gran/pequeña cantidad de grano
      • in quantity en grandes cantidades
      • However, there was not sufficient quantity of material to make up one full load of slab.
      • However, this quantity cannot be directly estimated.
      • ‘The cost of any project is a measure of quality times quantity,’ he says.
      • Whether wanting is measured in quality or quantity depends entirely on the individuals concerned.
      • The company, over the last few years, had shifted its focus from quantity and volumes to quality and design.
      • The survey also measured levels of air pollution, quality and quantity of drinking water and sewage.
      • We estimated the total quantity of protein in the gland by using the BioRad color photometric method.
      • If scholarship is measured by quantity, quality is sacrificed.
      • The groups did not differ significantly with respect to any of the measures of semen quantity and quality.
      • What Holford has done is invent a new system called Glycaemic Load or GL, which measures quantity of sugar as well as quality.
      • A consensus was reached during the workshop that both the quality and quantity of raw materials were a source of great concern in the leather industry of the Eastern and Southern African region.
      • The quantity of building material must be able to withstand the expected traffic.
      • The total quantity of materials required to complete the development will be about 1.25 million cubic metres.
      • In this study, the extent of reduction in seed production due to insufficient pollen quantity and quality were examined in a naturally pollinated M. stellata population.
      • The competition is certainly hotting up in the mobile market, but at the moment the expansion is more about quantity than quality.
      • In Scotland, it is quality not quantity that has to count.
      • The label should indicate the insulation material, R-value, quantity, and the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.
      • The 1920s brought the great bull market in which the value and quantity of stocks traded soared.
      • His mathematical work, though not large in quantity, was first-rate in quality.
      • This was true across a wide range of ages in healthy adults and in several measures of sleep quantity and sleep quality.

    • 1.2quantities plural(lots)

      cantidades feminine
      • Locally, some traders have bought quantities of genuine Livestrong bands and are selling them on at a profit.
      • Well, there were quantities of that drug missing from the hospital during the time these people were dying.
      • During the raids police seized personal belongings, documents, drugs paraphernalia, a quantity of crack cocaine and a small amount of cannabis.
      • Mass quantities of Harlequin Valentine ship today from Dark Horse, just in time for Valentine's Day.
      • Bulk quantities of spices can be accommodated in a storage system that will hold these items in large containers.
      • The judge said that police found 35.2g cannabis, evidence of his attempts at drug horticulture and a quantity of money when they raided his home.
      • If you buy cereal in bulk quantities the shelf height should be 18 inches.
      • The fatal fraud was the result of his action in buying quantities of shares in a distilling firm in an effort to shore up the share price.
      • The search is due to continue today with Gardaí confident of uncovering more quantities of the drug.
      • I just collect items until they become bulk quantity.

  • 2

    • 2.1Mathematics

      cantidad feminine
      • Those ratios are the same for both quantity and value.
      • The quantity w represents the average fitness of the population at equilibrium.
      • Another important quantity is the clustering coefficient C of a vertex.
      • An ellipse is a flattened circle, and the degree of flatness is indicated by a numerical quantity called eccentricity, abbreviated e.
      • The quantity / N depends strongly on the scaled mutation parameter M and on whether the number of loci is limiting.
      • The ‘Richardson number’, a fundamental quantity involving gradients of temperature and wind velocity is named after him.
      • In other words, it was not spontaneously obvious in earlier cultures that zero is a quantity that could be represented.
      • This quantity is called the Mean Square of the velocity.
      • The heat absorbed or released in a reaction depends on a quantity called enthalpy, represented by the capital letter H.
      • Entropy is a very difficult physical quantity to understand.
      • De triangulis is in five books, the first of which gives the basic definitions: quantity, ratio, equality, circles, arcs, chords, and the sine function.

    • 2.2(of word, syllable)

      cantidad feminine
      • In phonetics, the sense of movement in speech consists of the stress, quantity, and timing of syllables.
      • The most obvious common phonetic feature may be the linguistically distinctive quantity in both vowels and consonants.
      • This study investigates the realisation of phonological quantity in the dialects of Modern Swedish, based on a corpus containing recordings from 86 locations in Sweden and the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland.
      • In speech, this feature is reflected in phonological quantity.
      • The phonetic theory includes the analysis and classification of speech sounds generally and of the sounds of English in particular; sound grouping, accentual features, quantity, junction, assimilation, intonation; questions may also be asked on the teaching of English pronunciation.