Translation of quarantine in Spanish:


cuarentena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɒrəntiːn//ˈkwɔrənˌtin/


  • 1

    cuarentena feminine
    to be in quarantine estar en cuarentena
    • They'll study them in quarantine to determine their efficacy and safety.
    • For nearly one hundred years, bringing a pet into Britain involved a six month period in quarantine.
    • Patients are considered contagious and should remain in quarantine until all scabs separate.
    • The puppy was flown to Austria and then transported to Holland where another breeder was employed to care for him for six months, while he was in quarantine.
    • Buster had to spend six months in quarantine on his return from Iraq.
    • The first beavers could arrive in Britain by autumn and would be released after six months in quarantine.
    • Like their hosts, the plant pathogens are also of foreign origin and are thus kept in quarantine.
    • The tiger was in quarantine while surgeons undertook emergency surgery on its owner.
    • Hundreds of immigrants, mostly English and some Irish, died on the island while in quarantine.
    • The whole family was put in quarantine for a month but soon after she had recovered from one disease Julia was struck down with another, namely rheumatic fever.
    • When the birds finally arrive in England, they will spend 28 days in quarantine, before moving to a large pen with soft sides.
    • The English are very strict on their anti-rabies regulations and sometimes keep animals in quarantine for six months.
    • The five who are expected to go home to Hong Kong will be placed in quarantine for 10 days on their return.
    • As the period for keeping them in quarantine was over, they were shifted to the exhibit area.
    • Some 4,000 cattle in two herds remain in quarantine because of the concerns about mad cow disease.
    • Paul is due to return to his family in Preston later this week but Elliot will remain in quarantine for six months before he is allowed to come home.
    • The chicks will arrive on Salisbury Plain on June 23 and spend a month in quarantine before moving to a large enclosure.
    • After the transplant she had to spend six months in quarantine to avoid catching an infection while her immune system recovered, but now she is fit and well.
    • Was she in quarantine to protect most of her immediate family from the disease that was about to end her life?
    • Isabel and the two older boys also succumbed to diphtheria and were in quarantine for a month.

transitive verb

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    (animal/ship/person) poner en cuarentena