Translation of quarterly in Spanish:


trimestral, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɔrdərli//ˈkwɔːtəli/


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    • The new Time is only part - and probably not even the largest part - of a line item on a quarterly profit and loss statement.
    • The move to quarterly reporting, in line with US financial reporting, came in recognition of the fact that US investors now control half of the share register.
    • When will they again concentrate on the product and not what the latest quarterly dividend or share price happens to be?
    • The sum is to be divided by four to get the quarterly tax liability.
    • One new type of mortgage automatically increases the home equity credit line based on monthly mortgage repayments and quarterly increases in the appraised value of the house.
    • By meeting targets, Intel would have its first quarterly sales gain from year-ago levels after four straight declines.
    • SGI hopes the move will cut $100 million off its quarterly operating expenses bill once its forks out $20 million in redundancy payments.
    • I was informed there would be a quarterly charge of $10 for the maintenance and reading of the meters.
    • Those rank branch boards meet on a quarterly basis, four meetings per year.
    • Charges for season ticket holders are also set to rise, with a quarterly ticket at the four long stays going up from £159.90 to £163.90.
    • Occasional focus groups, quarterly meetings, customer surveys and direct mailings simply won't suffice.
    • The pre-tax charge helped erode Tribune's quarterly profits by a whopping 58%.
    • Consumer spending has risen at a quarterly rate of just 0.1%, the lowest for four years.
    • The Midland Health Board has launched a quarterly newsletter to keep foster carers informed on issues, events and developments relevant to fostering.
    • That figure also represents the UK market's highest quarterly growth rate for almost four years, the researcher added.
    • The Bank of England will also provide guidance on its interest-rate strategy when the governor, Mervyn King, presents its quarterly inflation report.
    • Despite four consecutive quarterly losses, Xerox is expected to make money before the year is out, continuing a turnaround credited to Mulcahy.
    • This year, as last, council has moved to making splitting up the bill into four quarterly payments.
    • The client was sophisticated and able to assess from the quarterly estimates and otherwise the reasonableness of the fees charged.
    • China Steel announced last month that it would increase local steel prices by an average of 7.5 percent in the second quarter, making it the fifth-straight quarterly price hike.


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    cada tres meses

nounPlural quarterlies

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    publicación trimestral feminine