Translation of questionable in Spanish:


cuestionable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɛstʃənəb(ə)l//ˈkwɛstʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (value/assertion) cuestionable
    (value/assertion) discutible
    a remark in questionable taste un comentario de dudoso buen gusto
    • it is questionable whether this is an original es discutible que esto sea un original
    • It is questionable whether cardiovascular end points are adequately ascertained in those studies.
    • Police say it is questionable whether Leeds has a bigger problem than other cities.
    • It is very questionable whether either the farmer or consumer has got true value for this investment.
    • The assumption that Social Darwinism delivers more social freedom is questionable.
    • In addition, it is questionable whether retention of water is significant for pollen that is shed in the dry state.
    • It is questionable whether those benefits will transfer to the west and north west of the Republic.
    • It is questionable whether the venue of a European Cup final is central to the occasion or incidental.
    • The legitimacy of these assumptions is questionable to say the very least.
    • Make of these judgements what you will but their validity is somewhat questionable given such a broad spectrum of views.
    • Therefore, it is questionable whether functional proteins are expressed from this region.
    • They will help, but it is questionable whether they will turn the tide.
    • He's made points that are highly questionable instead of homing in on the real issue.
    • How many of those would exercise their new right is questionable.
    • It's questionable whether mutual reception would really bring much advantage in this situation.
    • It is now questionable whether the committee will continue its investigation at all.
    • As matters stand, friendly international matches are of questionable value in this sense.
    • When non-random methods of sampling are employed, external validity becomes questionable.
    • It is also highly questionable whether strict liability leads to a higher standard of care.
    • If he had stayed on in South Africa, it is questionable whether he would have had the opportunities to develop.
    • But at times it was questionable whether he was doing more harm than good to the innings.
  • 2

    (of dubious morality)
    (behavior) cuestionable
    • It would be remarkable if there were no questionable deals in his past.
    • Not only was her action a breach of her visa but was highly unethical and morally questionable.
    • If his personal sincerity was questionable, then maybe Lincoln's achievements were suspect too.
    • Lowry's record is questionable when it comes to statements concerning his finances.
    • Justice Kennedy fretted that building a business on this was morally questionable, which is also true.
    • They also had to be willing to engage in a morally suspect and legally questionable act.
    • He eventually put his questionable formative training to good use.
    • But one or two questionable editorial decisions overshadowed good work elsewhere in the paper.
    • That is not to imply for a second that he has done anything questionable.
    • Thus the claims of Paul and subsequent tsars to a divine right to rule were based on a very questionable past.
    • It is a view which may be inconsistent, it may be morally questionable and even plain wrong.
    • I do remember that my sister and I were involved in somewhat questionable activities.
    • This scandal over a questionable memo has been a prime example of the process in action.
    • Some of the lead character's decisions are questionable and he's certainly no hero.
    • The clubs have a history of questionable medical tactics in dealing with each other.
    • The problem area is depiction of questionable behaviour and acts by artists.
    • It lost three seats by the narrowest of margins and under questionable circumstances.
    • Itself a capricious act, it was only one of several questionable departures.
    • Is this a morally questionable thing to do or are some lies necessary for the sake of social cohesion?
    • Michael James was a president of questionable character, but a wow as a personality.