Translation of questionnaire in Spanish:


cuestionario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkwɛstʃəˈnɛr//ˌkwɛstʃəˈnɛː/


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    cuestionario masculine
    • We thank the many women who completed questionnaires for this study.
    • Pupils have compiled traffic surveys and questionnaires to gauge the scale of the problem.
    • The detailed content of each section was tailored according to the answers in individual questionnaires.
    • The class then turned its attention to putting together sample questionnaires for the survey.
    • People from around the world will be able to answer questionnaires and add comments.
    • Our questionnaire was based on detailed questionnaires tested in England and Denmark.
    • A second limitation to our study is that the questionnaires were not counterbalanced.
    • Nurses trained for the survey went through the questionnaires to ensure that they were fully completed.
    • Copies of the two questionnaires and answer sheets were included with the letter to staff.
    • A survey team will be handing out questionnaires on station platforms and trains.
    • Respondents are able to read the whole questionnaire before answering the first question.
    • They will be asked to fill out questionnaires documenting details of their family history.
    • Much remains to be learned about how respondents go about answering written questionnaires.
    • Pupils placed completed questionnaires, identified by study number only, in sealed envelopes.
    • Users were involved in the design of a questionnaire developed for one study.
    • Two linked questionnaires were designed to examine expected differences in the reporting of seizures.
    • Interviews might be a useful adjunct to written questionnaires at follow up.
    • We used a slightly modified version of the questionnaire tested in the preceding pilot study.
    • Will it publish its questionnaire and advise us of the cross section of people it interviewed?
    • Understanding why this is the case and how it can be improved is seen to demand methods that go beyond questionnaires and surveys.