Translation of quick in Spanish:


rápido, adj.

Pronunciation /kwɪk//kwɪk/

adjectivequicker, quickest

  • 1

    (action/movement) rápido
    it's a lot quicker by car se va mucho más rápido en coche
    • he made a quick recovery se repuso rápidamente
    • I'll be as quick as I can volveré (or lo haré etc.) lo más rápido que pueda
    • that was quick! ¡qué rapidez!
    • OK, but make it quick bueno, pero rápido / date prisa
    • they arrived in quick succession llegaron muy seguidos / uno detrás del otro
    • to be quick on one's feet tener buenos reflejos
    • Best wishes to Eilish Marren who sustained a broken ankle recently and we wish her a speedy recovery and a quick return to the playing field.
    • Mathias was a quick learner, in just a short time he could perform the kicks satisfactorily.
    • Another aspect of Swedish business success is that the country's firms are quick to recut their cloth to suit changing times.
    • I am easily provoked, and rather vicious when my toe is stepped on, but I'm quick to cool down and fast to reasoning.
    • You take swift decisions and make quick changes when situations are tense and demanding.
    • This is not to say that problems do not occur, though eBay is quick to state that any such happenings are few and far between.
    • If you suffer from either type of sinusitis, our quick fixes offer fast relief.
    • While being quick and fast, those involved in the relief and rescue work should maintain their temper, he noted.
    • Keep the defence tight, and when on offence, I want to see quick feet and fast passing.
    • Mrs Young said the secret of her success behind the bar was quick mental arithmetic which helped her to keep track of the orders without the help of a cash till.
    • With electric gates which can be operated from either end of the pit cows make a quick entry and a fast exit.
    • Other nations were quick to emulate Ecuador's experiment, but few have enjoyed the same success.
    • Despite a two-and-a-half hour rain delay, Williams was quick off the blocks, racing to a 4-lead in the first set.
    • To both her credit and her detriment, Nora has learned to not be quick to judge people.
    • We've got excellent linebackers because of the speed there, and we're fast and quick up front.
    • They are a fine team with very fast and quick forwards and they are pressing for the top place in the group and if they beat us they will do that.
    • The city was saddened by the news of Terry's closure and readers were quick to suggest alternative uses for the factory site.
    • And they were also quick to slam high-spending pop stars and other celebrities who they said were a bad example to youngsters.
    • They can even catch a bird in free flight, so that's how quick they are.
    • They also need to be quick on their feet and incredibly alert and aware.
  • 2

    (calculation/question) rápido
    (nod) breve
    let me have a quick look déjame que eche un vistazo
    • let's have a quick swim vamos a darnos un chapuzón
    • he'd like a quick word with you quiere hablar contigo un momento
    • shall we take a quick vote? ¿lo ponemos a votación?
    • Meticulous copy editing may be another impediment to the quick dissemination of results.
    • After landing aboard the ship, we board a fast speed boat for the quick ride to the terminal.
    • Rearranging the gallery is one way to stay busy, and one that can result in quick sales.
    • She had made just two quick trips home to Indianapolis during that time.
    • She headed for the cyber café to do a quick search and learn a thing or two.
    • We were supposed to be having ‘a quick drink’, but it ended up being dinner for about eight and the bar actually ran out of wine.
    • These quick tender biscuits go with just about any prairie meal.
    • They're relatively simple and quick quests that result in very little gain in terms of experience points.
    • Bails was tired but met for a quick drink after work.
    • As the room swirled and tumbled around him, Fleet caught only a few quick glimpses of what happened next.
    • There are no quick fixes for the grief and anguish after the death of a loved one.
    • However, a succession of penalty corners from Aldridge resulted in two quick goals and suddenly the game was slipping away again.
    • A quick test shows this happens with enough browsers to make it funny (I didn't find one that worked).
    • But a quick word with the proprietor of the local service station reassured me otherwise.
    • Before looking at the results, let's do a quick recap on what happens in the formation of an embryo.
    • Nosing into the wave, called purling, will usually result in your quick exit from the board.
    • The set was two and a half hours of music with a twenty-minute interval for drinks and some quick reprogramming of the lights and video projectors.
    • Finally, a quick look at what happened in Scotland in April.
    • The Orkney squad lost three quick tries at the start of the game, resulting in a half-time score of 22-5.
    • So we will take a quick look at Pi Fast, which, as the name suggests calculates Pi to as many digits as you want.
  • 3

    she has a very quick temper tiene el genio vivo
    • he's quick to take offense se ofende por lo más mínimo / por cualquier nimiedad
    • they were quick to spot the problem identificaron el problema rápidamente
    • she was quick to come to my assistance vino rápidamente en mi ayuda / a ayudarme
  • 4

    he has a quick wit es muy agudo
    • she has a very quick mind es muy lista / rápida
    • to have a quick eye (for sth) ser un lince (para algo)


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    come quick ven corriendo / rápido
    • quick, hide in here rápido / corre, escóndete aquí
    • get here as quick as you can ven lo más rápido / deprisa que puedas
    • quick march! ¡paso ligero!
    • When he drew it back real quick he stabbed himself in the neck with it.
    • How quick we have forgotten the sacrifice demanded of those whose homes and communities that stood in the way of the inner relief folly.
    • ' Since then I've started swinging the ball away and got a bit quicker as well.
    • And it is that a company can play quick and fast with procedural rules, and escape action.
    • So get your ducks quick as they are flying out of the place.
    • Watching my mum being a single parent made me grow up quick and taught me to not rush things in life.
    • "I thought to myself I could have held a little more depth and got there a bit quicker.
    • The world was a blur around us and if I tried to focus outside the circle of movement, I got a headache pretty quick.
    • The smart lines drop in fast and quick, with some great gags that click two seconds after you think they should.
    • It would take off real quick in a straight line, then seem to turn 90 degrees, then up and down and left and right.
    • This promises to be an uplifting and exciting concert, but tickets will sell fast so get in quick.
    • People don't realise how critical that is because if you come in and something's not quite right you get exposed real quick, as you can see with the newer guys.
    • Her heart beat quick as she ran into the office and lifted the shade to witness the flood.
    • But trading standards staff are warning that there is no guarantee of getting rich quick or even getting your original stake back.
    • I got away quick, which was down to the nerves, the aggression, the excitement and the adrenalin.
    • I adapted pretty quick to it so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
    • Exxon and Shell say if we don't do something quick the 2004 convention sponsorship deal is off.
    • I'd like to point out - most people are talking about how quick you need to do this.
    • One word: grow up quick or seek therapy as soon as possible.
    • I have to admit that I don't learn new things as quick as I do 10 years ago.


  • 1

    the quick
    • her nails were bitten to the quick tenía las uñas en carne viva de mordérselas
    • Their hands were inspected, nails cut to the quick if polish was found.
    • It doesn't exactly hurt when they dig but it is uncomfortable like when you chew a nail down to the quick.
    • The water will help soften the baby's toenails so they trim easily and without snapping off at the quick.
    • All over Britain, parental nails are being chewed down to the quick.
    • If you cut into the quick, the claw will bleed and the cat will experience pain.
    • And all from a little British film, with a tiny £2 million budget which was cut to the quick.
    • This will prevent the quick from growing too long and prevent the nail from bleeding.
    • As she packed, I saw her hands and her once beautiful nails were bitten to the quick.
    • You'll enjoy the movie if your idea of a good time is sitting glued to the edge of your seat chewing your fingernails down to the quick.
    • I removed my hand from my mouth when I realized I had chewed my fingernail down to the bleeding quick.
    • I am at this moment being vetted for my suitability as interviewer and my nails are bitten to the quick.
  • 2

    (living people)
    the quick los vivos
    • From the salvation of the dead we move to the healing of the quick.
    • This law renders willful killing of an unborn ‘quick’ child by any injury to the mother of the child to be manslaughter.
    • They will die as you died, in the footsteps of the dead that were quick.