Translation of quick-fire in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌkwɪkˈfʌɪə//ˌkwɪkˈfaɪ(ə)r/


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    he was famous for his quick-fire wit era famoso por su vivo ingenio / su viveza de ingenio
    • a series of quick-fire questions and answers una ráfaga de preguntas y respuestas
    • The Pontypool fighter followed up with a quick-fire, accurate assault until Paisley's corner mercifully threw in the towel.
    • Then a quick-fire brace from Kevin Smith, who claimed goals in the 49th and 50th minute, turned the game on its head.
    • Robert Robinson was famed for his enduring comb-over and love of knowledge, and the contestants were mainly middle-class families, pitted against each other with quick-fire general knowledge questions.
    • They forced a quick-fire equaliser, Juanjo taking advantage of another overindulgent spot-kick award as Michael Stewart, at worst, chafed the Spaniard's leg just inside the area.
    • As Richards' quick-fire delivery continues, with talk of three - year plans and audience penetration, it would be easy to view him as a hard-nosed corporate raider about to ruthlessly exploit a niche in the market.
    • The 16 teams involved this year will be split into four pools of four, and play quick-fire group games of ten minutes each way.
    • The 11-year-old answered two minutes of quick-fire questions on his specialist subject the Famous Five Books by Enid Blyton and also tackled the demanding general knowledge round.
    • Joke followed joke in quick-fire succession as she regaled the audience with her potted life history, ‘I was quite clever when I was about four and then it did tail off a bit,’ she modestly claimed.
    • Bad Blood at The Alhambra is a quick-fire farce featuring twisting plots, twisted characters, rapid action, witty dialogue, ferocious greed and sexual jealousy.
    • Marber was a stand-up comedian and his quips and quick-fire repartee are deftly handled by the four actors, who bring out comedy in the pain and the pathos in the cruel barbs.
    • Nemeth capped a Man of the Match display by scoring one goal and inspiring all of Boro's quick-fire first half treble, as well as setting up Massimo Maccarone's first goal.
    • In the first-half they were unstoppable with three quick-fire goals from Mark Wood, Phil O'Reilly and Alex Wilgrass.
    • Hannah was involved in the early action as the Highlanders pushed for a quick-fire goal.
    • Behind the band are some of the most impressive back projections I have ever seen: a dazzling quick-fire succession of razor-sharp DVD images, spread over three screens, all perfectly synched to the music.
    • Avenue lost possession after running the ball into touch almost right from the re-start and Webster completed a quick-fire double when he rifled a diagonal shot low into the corner of Britton's goal.
    • It's this insight which binds together these quick-fire tales with a detached tenderness that allows the reader to participate in the remarkable - never ordinary - passage of humdrum lives in this remote valley.
    • The six-year-old came into his own last season, scoring over this course and distance in August, which was the middle leg of a quick-fire hat-trick, his other victories being achieved at Bath and Pontefract.
    • And his fears grew when Hore slotted two more goals in quick-fire order to open up a useful nine-point gap.
    • Now on the other side of the fence, McCusker has been learning the intricacies of constructing a gridiron machine in quick-fire time.
    • Those Icelandic good time boys wowed us with their high-kicking quick-fire bubble-gum pop songs.