Translation of quick-freeze in Spanish:


ultracongelar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɪkˌfriz/

transitive verbquick-frozen

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    • ‘Our line of products is richer and fuller than it has ever been before,’ Boynton says, noting the addition of block products to Leprino's stalwart individually quick-frozen shreds line.
    • While they can still be used for juice or purée, the crumbly fruit brings only about one-fourth the price per pound that growers get for fresh or individually quick-frozen fruit.
    • If you want just a few berries at a time or plan on using your harvest for making preserves later, individually quick-freeze them.
    • The company relies instead on a world supply of quick-frozen fish that is more readily available and cheaper than the local supply.
    • They can be perfectly combined with in shell Brazil nuts (shelled by hand, because the nuts are massively shelled through the use of either heat or quick-freezing, which also originates ‘dirty’ protein), for on-the-go.
    • It was a period where the AACC stopped teaching their basic cooks how to kill and pluck a chickens and gone were the days of shelling wheat bags of fresh peas, deep freezers were issued and so were frozen chickens and quick-frozen peas.
    • Carriere Foods is a Canadian company specializing in the production of quick-frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.
    • This individual quick-freezing process locks in the cheese's flavor at its peak, Reidy explains.

intransitive verbquick-frozen

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