Translation of quick-tempered in Spanish:


de genio vivo, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˌkwɪkˈtɛmpəd/


  • 1

    (person) de genio vivo
    (person) de mucho genio
    (person) irascible
    (reaction) malhumorado
    • In between times, he'd also made it to the chief executive's post at publishing giant Reed Elsevier, where his quick-tempered reputation had begun to establish itself.
    • He is self-important, quick-tempered, duplicitous and vicious.
    • Of course, we have fights, but he is genuinely quick-tempered so it's over before it's begun.
    • He was a man's man, a hard-drinking, argumentative, creative, quick-tempered, irascible, huggy bear of a gent, Texas big in his concepts and his audacity, appropriate for a guy named Texas.
    • We aren't talking about his usual surly demeanour, quick-tempered nature, or impromptu tours to folks lounging around in shelters.
    • Although Su is a quick-tempered person, he targets the problem itself, not the people who created it.
    • David and Lyuba were like ice and water: He was a composed and restrained person, and never raised his voice; she was a bundle of energy, quick-tempered and excitable.
    • You can tick many of the usual boxes with Rankin's Edinburgh detective: loner, divorced, quick-tempered, a maverick and a boozer - a tick for every one.
    • Questions included whether study participants considered themselves quick-tempered or whether they felt like hitting someone when they got angry.
    • At the beginning of the play, we see Lear as a proud, vain, quick-tempered old king, not necessarily evil, but certainly not good.
    • Please don't be capricious and quick-tempered any more.
    • A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.
    • Their unpredictable disposition-timid, yet also quick-tempered and dangerous-was sometimes characteristic of bear clan members.
    • Our mother, being quick-tempered, often resorted to caning as a form of discipline.
    • A quick-tempered man will react more aggressively to an unpleasing situation than a placid one.
    • He was distant, quick-tempered, with a slight hunch in his back.
    • Here we meet a feisty, diminutive, quick-tempered Paul that few of us would gladly welcome in the seat next to us on a long airplane flight.
    • Although beautiful, she is quick-tempered and spoiled.
    • Though critics saw him as quick-tempered, harsh, abrupt, and arbitrary, practically everyone recognized his genius as a chief of staff.
    • Henry III, though undeniably pious, could also be sharp-tongued and quick-tempered - he is recorded as tearing up the clothes of one of his court jesters, and throwing another into the Thames.