Translation of quick-witted in Spanish:


agudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌkwɪk ˈˌwɪdɪd//kwɪkˈwɪtɪd/


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    • When asked about the vacant manager's post at Spurs, O'Neill response was quick-witted.
    • Intellectually quick-witted and bright, with an abrasive edge, Reid did well in school.
    • Though a stranger in a strange land, Maria is quick-witted, intelligent, and empathetic enough to figure out how to deal with the various characters she comes across.
    • In local parlance he would be regarded as a ‘character’, quick-witted and always ready for a bit of ‘devilment’.
    • She's clearly an intelligent woman, quick-witted and self-effacing, so doesn't she worry that her job is essentially stupid?
    • Naturally quick-witted with a sharp tongue, he ponders decisions with mathematical precision.
    • Evan is intelligent and quick-witted but sometimes a little lost in the modern world of speed dating and go-getting career women.
    • It's one thing to be smart and quick-witted, but can you back it up?
    • Undemonstrative, quick-witted, alert and intelligent: he has it all.
    • Though all the clever and distinctive stylistic tics are there, the dialogue isn't nearly as sharp or quick-witted and the plot itself is rather lumbering, meaning the pace flags and sags on too many occasions.
    • With Mercury in Aries and the Sun in the 3rd house ruled by Mars, he was quick-witted, intellectually motivated, an avid reader and a passionate speaker.
    • Hicks is a true American original: handsome, well spoken, intelligent and quick-witted, intensely passionate and fiercely political.
    • He looks powerful but perfectly balanced, and his manner is alert and quick-witted.
    • Elizabeth was a different kind of Queen: quick-witted, clever and able to use feminine wiles to get her own way.
    • As always, Rathbone gives us a Holmes that is quick-witted and focused, able to deduce what mere mortals cannot.
    • And when that draws sarcastic comment from the management team, his ability to offer quick-witted retorts allows him to ride the banter as effortlessly as another lunge from a desperate defender.
    • Confident to the point of brashness, intelligent and quick-witted - all key attributes for an MC - he's a product of his surroundings.
    • Fact is, Carson was as brilliant and quick-witted a comedian then, in 1989, as he was in 1969.
    • He was a good guy - quick-witted, intelligent and funny when the right moment arose.
    • She was loving and generally patient with those she deemed worthy, and, as I said before, she was quick-witted and intelligent.