Translation of quickly in Spanish:


rápidamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkwɪkli//ˈkwɪkli/


  • 1

    (move/recover) rápidamente
    (recover/move) rápido
    she reads very quickly lee muy rápido
    • Officials said the fire was caused by an air conditioner short-circuit that ignited bedding and curtains and spread quickly through the prison.
    • People prone to severe allergic reactions need to carry an adrenaline injector pen that can help reverse the symptoms quickly.
    • But McClellan did not move quickly enough and within twenty-four hours, Lee learned of his danger and pulled his troops to Sharpsburg.
    • Finding new ways to reach good decisions quickly is the key to making the selling of protection contracts once more universally attractive to mortgage advisers.
    • The young are born with soft spines that quickly harden.
    • I never expected it to get so dark so early so quickly.
    • His father, Sati, quickly wipes his face with a damp cloth.
    • But he has, by all accounts, made up ground quickly.
    • Rotterdam was eminently forgettable and we passed through it quickly.
    • In contrast, the flexible protein structures in a bobtail squid's platelets can quickly change configuration.
    • And we are going to need to get it back in order as quickly as possible.
    • In order to defy revolutionaries it is a vital necessity to restore normality as quickly as possible.
    • The point is how quickly profound changes come upon us.
    • The engine heat quickly dried them out.
    • He said at one point two police horses began to move quickly through the crowd, police on foot running behind them.
    • Thanks to the sincere efforts of her family I quickly recovered my health.
    • However, liability - a not-insignificant fear for automakers - may be one reason costs aren't dropping as quickly as they might.
    • He still drives for me occasionally and maintains some bushes and plants but he tires quickly.
    • Using the flashlight, I'm able to find them pretty quickly.
    • The goldfields rebellion did not last very long and government forces quickly overran the Eureka stockade.
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    (reply/discover/understand) pronto
    (discover/reply/understand) enseguida
    I'll do it as quickly as I can lo haré lo más pronto que pueda
    • The trail quickly led to Marshal South, the mountain's most famous human resident.
    • The married father-of-four quickly alerted the bus driver, who was unaware Gloria was being crushed.
    • They were the first to introduce a 24-hour helpline - a move other providers quickly copied.
    • Fighting my way through the festival-goers, I quickly realise that I am the least made-up man around.
    • The American family quickly learns that Yoko is in some sort of conflict with her parents, especially her stern father.
    • Anybody thinking of taking out serious illness insurance needs to act quickly.
    • The microphone was then quickly passed to a delegate from Venezuela.
    • Darcy got up quickly swearing softly beneath his breath.
    • Shayne, disconcerted by the sudden invitation, answered quickly, "That would take a bit of negotiation with my husband."
    • The biggest concern from licensees was getting phones to market quickly.
    • Of course, anyone organising such a lobby or leaflet needs to consult quickly with the best informed militants in the union.
    • But once on dry land, it was quickly back on course.
    • Key to future success will be the degree to which organizations respond quickly to change.
    • Jake offers him a hundred francs, which Harvey quickly accepts.
    • So I hugged Lisa and headed quickly to work.
    • They have established a ' helpdesk ' facility to ensure businesses get advice and support quickly and easily.
    • There is also the question of whether the former home secretary, David Blunkett, returns quickly.
    • Many entrepreneurs in cyberspace are quickly re-learning Newton's law of gravity.
    • At the same time, the boy was enrolled at the musical school run by Antonio Salieri, where he quickly caught the attention of the famous composer.
    • Having come to such a conclusion she quickly told herself that she had no interest in Edmund Darcy romantically whatsoever.