Translation of quid pro quo in Spanish:

quid pro quo

retribución, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkwɪd ˌproʊ ˈkwoʊ//ˌkwɪd prəʊ ˈkwəʊ/

nounPlural quid pro quos

  • 1

    retribución feminine
    if I do this for you, what's the quid pro quo? si te hago eso ¿qué recibo yo en retribución / a cambio?
    • Behind the scenes, the tacitly understood tradeoffs amount to quid pro quos.
    • Until last year, I would have insisted public radio stations were immune from quid pro quos.
    • And I think the question, also, that we have to look at is, what kind of quid pro quos are made to have a coalition like this?
    • It does seem, however, that the deal entails some interesting quid pro quos.
    • Regulators step up punishments for firms that cross the line into illegal behavior, while long-acceptable practices now are derided as unseemly quid pro quos.
    • Negotiate in good faith first, and look at quid pro quos (such as aquaculture licenses), rather than using the hammer of forcible acquisition.
    • That was indiscreet, but you'd have to be very naïve not to imagine that there are a lot of implicit quid pro quos out there.
    • Such an approach might still allow real limitations, especially to fight the quid pro quos, or the appearance thereof, that are associated with five- and six-figure contributions.
    • Finally, quid pro quos and veiled threats were utilized in an attempt to persuade.
    • The American government reached similar quid pro quos with France and Russia, involving oil contracts as well as telecommunications deals.
    • Some investment bankers exacted kickbacks and other quid pro quos from clients who got shares.
    • The flurry of quid pro quos and dirty deals has all the dignity of mobsters divvying up the spoils.
    • Our duty is to make Hong Kong a better place for us all, without hidden agendas or quid pro quos.